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Not Up To Par (Yet)

posted by washamur1 (MIDLAND, TX) Sep 3, 2011

Member since Sep 2009

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First and foremost, yes Madden 12 is better than last years installment.

Graphically, it is FAR superior to anything done to date. The presentation almost has the feel of a TV broadcast.

However, the commentary absolutely kills that experience. This area needs to be completely reworked, and possibly some new voices / talent brought in.

On top of that, evidently testers didn't do their job. From the Tennessee Titans actually being called the "New York Titans" ... to commentators not even saying a players name ... and worst yet, every single pregame discussion is about the visiting team having a hard time playing away from home.

One of the worst bugs however, and possibly a game killer has to be the fact that, yes you can import your draft class ... however, Madden 12 doesn't show your class. It makes up names and players completely. Draft Class Importing is completely broke.

Granted, a lot of this stuff can and hopefully will be fixed with patches ... but why do we have to wait? Shouldn't this stuff work right out of the package? It is getting a bit tiresome ... a company makes a game with flaws KNOWING they can just fix it later with updates / patches.

I'm not surprised at EA ... they're getting their money. But they have a LOT to fix before this installment gets any higher of a ranking from myself and many others that feels the same way.

If you do some searching around and adjust your sliders to your liking ... there is an enjoyable NFL game to play here. Somewhere ....

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posted by chemicalss (BAYONNE, NJ) May 17, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

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How does a game developed over years and years actually get worse???

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Above Average

Not the game we were promised...yet again

posted by Morty (E DUMMERSTON, VT) Sep 7, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

21 out of 25 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

OK, let me start off by saying that this game is good but NOT great. The mechanics, game play, some of the presentation, and general feel are really great. I am not sure they can really refine the mechanics any more than they have (except for the blocking...why is my guy trying to race the defender rather than block him?). Even with the decent upgrades in overall feel of the game, the developers still missed the mark on the franchise mode and overall feel of the game. Franchise is STILL really shallow and, well to be frank, boring. Whether I play the season out or not, I do not see any difference in their rating, thus begging the question "why put in all that time in the games?". Plus, the scouting is still really poorly handled. I am fairly certain that every GM in the league knows every single minor and major detail their is to know about a player, especially if it can be measured, timed, or gauged. Sure, the potential rating is always a guessing game (to some degree) but everything else? Come on! I shouldn't have to unlock someone's 40 time. Plus, well, the draft and off season just simply do not measure up to the high bar set by Head Coach 09'. Yep, that's right, I said 09'. A game with its fair share of flaws seemed to have captured the look, feel, excitement, and energy of the NFL off season better than Madden has to date. The menus were better, the feel was better, the drafting was better, the freaking commentary was way better. and it made me feel like a real head coach/gm. Oh, and don't let me forget that god awful commentary in this game. Wow, do those guys actually get paid to do that? Where do I sign up?! Maybe EA knows they can just cash in at this point and don't really care. After all, who can blame them? We are sheep's being lead to our own slaughter.

Overall: C- for poor commentary, lame menus, poor in game blocking, poorly done draft/off season, and lame contract signings (no real control).

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