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GF Rating

Above Average

Manga pop revolution.

posted by Lost4daze1 (SPOKANE VALLEY, WA) Dec 18, 2014

Member since Apr 2013

The first thought that comes to mind while writing this review is the obvious question. How to resist comparing this game to the 'other' blond teeny bopper' who also battled the undead in a mini and less than subtle attitude. Well here I go then. For the most part this game is a full tilt arcade style, action rpg.... kinda. Meaning that if you want a button mashing mess of combo's bad camera angles and brain melting dialog...then well this game is another to add to your list. Is it as good as Blood Rayne? Oh gawd no. In fact Blood Rayne wiggles her tush at this game rolls her collective eyes and declares "mmmm better luck next time." In truth all we really have here is yet another attempt by Japanese software conversion talent to blatantly lure us into lowering our standards so that they can try to peek into the realm of still active "Buffy" profits. Rent this game if you want a low rent time. If your an actual adult with some degree of ambition for a challenge, do please. MOVE on.

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GF Rating


Ignore the Hate and low ratings

posted by AntGJ (MIAMI, FL) Dec 9, 2014

Member since May 2013

Just like the title says ignore the ratings, if you like Devil May Cry, God of War or any character action game for that matter, put it in your Q. The story is kinda bat-BLEEP insane but certainly viable, some of the dialogue is repetitive, but the action in the game is great.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A Decent Rental

posted by Breazy (PORT ORCHARD, WA) Apr 21, 2014

Member since Oct 2013

Lollipop Chainsaw isn't fantastic, but what it does it does decently. The story is a throwaway and silly, expected when your game is about a chainsaw-wielding high school cheerleader toting around a disembodied head. The game is quite humorous if not a bit crass at times, but this is a Grasshopper Manufacture/Suda-51 game so...expected.

Graphics are what you'd expect from a small studio/budget game from a few years back - acceptable but nothing flashy or standout. The soundtrack is actually pretty great, you'll recognize a lot of the tunes. For some reason, it reminded me of an old Tony Hawk soundtrack.

Combat is typical combo-based'll become good friends with your X and Y buttons. Combat moves a decent clip, and there aren't many areas which feel overly drawn out. Basically, the game play is done pretty well all things considered.

The best part? It never overstays its welcome. While the stages run a bit long, the game is only 4-6 hours long making it a perfect rental for those looking to get that silly weird zombie killing fix.

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