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pretty good

posted by SamWells3 (TEMECULA, CA) Apr 2, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

this game was really good, and i enjoyed it, it wasnt so easy like some games and it was very addicting to play, but i liked Wind Waker alot better

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One of the Greatest Zelda games ever!!!!!

posted by TradeMark_XIII (PRESCOTT, AZ) Mar 28, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

When I first got my Wii when it was released back in 2006, I was completely excited to get the next big Zelda game, Twilight Princess. To be honest, I was disappointed, I just couldn't get into it. Don't get me wrong, the game was good, and after replaying it recently, I found it was better then I originally thought. It just felt like a clone of OoT. I felt the series was getting stale. So when I finally played through Skyward Sword, it was a godsend.

I can tell Nintendo worked hard on making this a different, fresher experience. It still feels like the Zelda I know and love, but with enhancements and additions that make the game feel new, as if the series has been reborn.

The gameplay is likely the first thing you will notice, as Nintendo touts the use of the Wii Motion Plus in this game. While it may not be true 1:1, it is very close, and is used in such exciting and interesting ways. Swordplay is now much more strategic, compared to the mindless button mashing of past Zelda games. Fighting against my first bobokin in the game, I felt like I was in an actual swordfight, trying to analyze his moves and find a weakpoint. Buttons seem archaic compared to this, at least in the Zelda series.

The story is the best the Zelda series has ever seen. Zelda isn't just another damsel in distress to rescue, well....actually, she is, but you get to know Zelda on a more personal level, as a friend. When she does get kidnapped, I actually WANTED to rescue her, not because I had too. The villian is engaging, support characters also have a suprising amount of depth, and the game explains the beginning of the series (this is the origin story) very well.

I also want to add, I love the addition of the upgrade system. It helps increase the longetivity of items, so you use some beyond the dungeon you find them in.

Nintendo truly made the perfect 25th annivesary game, and it wasn't made for it! It celebrates the past 25 years of Zelda while showing us a bright future for t

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Wii Remote Plus controllers required

posted by instig8r (JACKSON, MI) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

We were looking forward to this game, but we have the original Wii controllers and this will only work with the Remote Plus. Unfortunately we had to send it back without ever playing since we weren't ready to buy new controllers (or the Plus addons for old controllers). I'm not going to ding this game with a bad rating because I didn't have the gear, but will research further before rent another Wii game.

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