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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes


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Also on:Xbox 360, 3DS, PS3, Wii, Wii U, DS
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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game for rent! Easy Platinum.

posted by Shatgan (SAN YSIDRO, CA) Jun 25, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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This game is not as bad as it looks, I mean, it is a straight port of the 3DS version, but it still a Lego game so it is really easy and entertaining game.

Gameplay: not an open world game, it is just as every other lego game you have played before, if you have played the harry potter lego version for the vita, well it is pretty much the same, but with batman's universe. took me maybe about 10 hours to platinum, great game.

Graphics: Not mind blowing, but well, doesn't look that bad either. Looks the exactly the same as the 3ds version, but textures look sharper. Cgi rendered cinematics look good, but they are really compressed, the look worse than a VHS movie.

Sound: Compressed sound, it has voice actors this time around, and music is a little repetitive, but never forced me to turn down the volume, it was just right.

Replay value: well, it has many collectibles, such as unlockable characters and a few cheats such as big head mode and other things just for fun. After finishing story mode, it will open a challenge mode called the justice league mode which features some of the most iconic DC heroes, and of course as any other ps vita game, it features trophies, but once you get your platinum, you will have completed your game 100% and there will be no reason to replay everything again. In conclusion, it is a great game for rent, about 10- 15 hours to get platinum, pretty easy, and not recommended for buying, just renting.

Oh yeah and also keep in mind that there are NO GUIDES ONLINE FOR PS VITA OR 3DS VERSIONS, so you will be on your own (at least until someone makes one), just don't give up looking for collectibles, keep your eyes peeled and you will find them ;)

if you need any help just add me, my PSN user name is SHATGAN

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GF Rating


Lego Batman 2: A Few Missing Pieces

posted by Mayflower96 (LEACHVILLE, AR) Jun 25, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I received my PlayStation Vita as a gift from my brother the day after it hit shelves. Since I have GameFly, I've stopped buying console games but I still spend $40 on Vita titles since it's a portable device. I simply want some games to take on the go, so before I get into any details, you must first know that I had not seen any gameplay footage or heard any news on this game before buying. All I was going on was how the first game was, which was fun. Now, on with the review. The first thing I noticed was that the graphics didn't seem quite as good, which is fine considering it's a Vita title. What really shocked me was that this was the first Lego game to feature voices, which is an excellent touch. The voices fit the characters quite well, and the dialogue is really true to the characters. Gameplay is as solid as ever, the new superheros are an absolute blast to play as, and collecting studs is even more addicting this time. Once I had completed the main story, which seemed shorter than it should have been, I got about 90% of the collectibles and was satisfied. Later I looked up footage on Xbox 360, and was stunned. Much like past games that were ported onto the PlayStation Portable, Lego Batman 2 has it's own portable console version with the same name. You can't explore the massive Lego Gotham City like in the console versions, which takes away a lot of the playability for me. After doing a bit more digging, I saw that most of the story mode and plot points were exactly the same, and I calmed down. Even before I knew what I was missing, I was praising this game for being a nice experience. Although I'm a little disappointed that the Vita hardware isn't as powerful as I thought, this is still a very fun game to take on the go. Everything is still as fun as a Lego game can be, and it's a great addition to any Vita owner's collection. If you're looking for the full experience, though, definitely get one of the console versions.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not as bad as everyone wants you to believe.

posted by sneedo (INDEPENDENCE, MO) Jul 17, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

The reviews that say how awful this game is are greatly exaggerated. Yes, it is lacking the open world that consoles have, and yes the video cutscenes look like a realplayer video from 1999, however the game is still fun all together.

If you enjoy previous Lego offerings then you'll enjoy this, if you are looking for a quick game to get into during breaks at work, a bus ride or some other quick period this game is amazing, all of the missions are presented in bitesized packages which make it super easy to pick up and play.

I would recommend this game to any super hero geek, or Lego nerd for sure.

Just don't get confused that you're playing a portable offering and not the same game on the big consoles.

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