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AKA the Justice League

posted by frownyguy (DAMARISCOTTA, ME) Jun 20, 2012

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Starting Lego Batman 2, I welcomed myself with a challenge: try and get more goons each level. Yes, the game keeps track of that, and many other things, too. You can even drive around to different parts of Gotham City to look for gold brick and studs!
Everything in Lego Batman 2 feels like the developers started making this game right after they finished Lego Batman 1, it's so perfect. In one level, in order to save Gotham from Arkham Asylum's inmates, you have to use Robin's Acrobatic Suit to climb over the acid/poison gas, then use Batman's Power Suit to knock over a building to stop Catwoman, than change suits to stop other villains, and keep you interested. Nothing is used too much, or too little. It's a perfect balance.
The voice acting is very good, too. Now that the characters speak in full sentences, you understand what's going on. a few laughs can even be made from the script, from Superman's "I can see you smirking in there Batman!...X-ray vision!" to the Joker's constant jokes about what's happening.
Of course, the reason it is a nine, not a ten is because the game isn't without faults. First of all, Alfred's "Excuse me sir,"s and "One more thing, sir,"s get annoying, but to hear the good dialogue you can't mute it. Another problem is some puzzles(like ones where you need to use the Magnetic Suit) you must be a certain distance away to use it, or need to smash things from ten feet away to continue and get the Bat- something. I only encountered these issues a few times, so it's not that bad. The other issue is, well, it's pretty easy. But fun. Very fun.

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It delivers what you’d expect from a LEGO game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 29, 2012

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It’s LEGO, it’s Batman – two things that go very well together; just ask about the original LEGO Batman and you’ll find it a hit.
Which means it’s no surprise that they came out with a sequel that gives everything the original had – the Bat-suits, the demolition of LEGO blocks and the building of structures that will get you through the 15 levels in this version.
Problem is they didn’t add much to the formula to make this stand out from the other LEGO titles (if it’s not broke, why fix it?). Even with the addition of the other members of the Justice League (Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and so on) and some on rails shooting segments, the gameplay doesn’t change very much (it’s still a lot of fun to play, though).
To get through most levels, you have to destroy huge chunks of LEGO blocks, get a Bat-suit, use the special powers of that Bat-suit to open up the next part of the level, get another special suit, open up another section of the level, and repeat until you get to the end of the level. Some of the puzzles can get annoying, though – especially at the beginnings of some levels.
And one major problem the LEGO games have is not fixed here – the AI is still lacking intelligence. You are best served by playing this game with a friend.
Still, LEGO Batman 2 has a great story, wonderful voice acting, and if you had fun with any other LEGO game, then you will have fun with this one. It’s a definite rent, and some may want to buy it.

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posted by bren33 (WEST HEMPSTEAD, NY) Jun 28, 2012

Member since May 2012

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even thought i didnt rent the game i bought it it was awsome i give it ten it is awsomer than the first if u dont listen to me your misten out

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