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GTA meets Police Quest meets Heavy Rain

posted by DeepLee (CHIMACUM, WA) May 27, 2011

Member since May 2011

To make this game more challenging and fun, remove vibration hints!

When questioning people, only choose lie if you have evidence to back it up, otherwise choose doubt if you think they are leaving something out. Watch their body language for doubt. Don't be afraid to use your intuition points to remove one choice (especially early on, you earn intuition points quickly in the beginning).

This game automatically goes over obstacles for you, which sucks sometimes because you can't manually jump over certain little things. Overall it works well, especially when climbing fire escapes. I like that you don't have to worry about ammo or life bars, you just die if you get shot a lot (your heart starts beating loudly if close to death).

I'm glad I didn't purchase this game, but I am very happy to have played it, thanks to Gamefly!

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L.A. Noire!!

posted by TreHype (TEMECULA, CA) May 26, 2011

Member since Aug 2006

Aight, keep it real I don't write reviews, but dis game deserves it! I love everything about dis game. Graphics are great. Da facial expressions and da way people move is so fluent and real! Rockstar owns deez kinda' games & L.A. Noire is no slouch. Music's cool. Controls is da way a GTA game should be.

But da best part is da interviews and asking questions. Great move. I don't wanna' give up 2 much, but dis is 1 game dat'll b on low 4 a good long time. Grabbin' clues and goin' thru investigations is a good change from robbin' fools & killin e'rybody 4 nuthin.

I gave a game a 9 and only because I'm not done, so...lemme get back 2 it!! Dis game'll b on Low Avail 4 a minute, and I'm glad I got my copy! Good luck suckaz!! Holla

Tre Hype
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Not bad

posted by otie798 (RODEO, CA) May 25, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

The cover system and camera can get you killed, but it is a fun game if you don't mind doing the same thing over again. The free roaming can be boring. The story is what motivates, and to see what happens next. The only thing your choices change is how correct you are in getting all the facts and clues.

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