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GF Rating


Eventually gets repetitive, but great experience.

posted by WampusCRA (CHILLICOTHE, OH) May 26, 2011

Member since Nov 2007

Great game, looks great plays great its super fun at first. Game length is just enough to keep you from getting super bored, i think i beat the game in like 15 hours or so. Then i did all the extra's for the rest of the achievements ended up getting 1000gs in this game took about id say 25 hours or so, between finding all the cars 95 different ones, finding the golden reels (50) and then 5 star'ing every case.

This games different that's what it has going for it, the thing is every case almost feels like the last.. sure its a different case with different people and such and it leaves you guessing who did what. But you basically do the exact same thing (search for clues, interrogate someone, make a choice on who did it). Its fresh and fun for the first 2 disc's (which i love how they did 3 disc's it seems like they could of crammed this game all onto one disc but then it wouldn't of been as detailed etc, i think all developers should do this put as much detail into a game even if it makes it more than one disc) but by time i got to the 3rd disc i found myself saying wow this is starting to get repetitive. Great game tho wonderful change from the normal rpg/fps games.

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Something new, exciting, and brilliant

posted by bobbybygodhill (PIKEVILLE, KY) May 25, 2011

Member since May 2011

I would just like to say that I have been reading reviews and people need to stop ranting about this not being another Grand Theft Auto. Now don't get me wrong I love gta, but this game is not even close to being considered another crime spree entry. YOUR A DETECTIVE not a hit man or some mad Russian out for revenge. Its supposed to be something different, new, and exciting. That being said, everyone should understand not to compare it to gta and realize to judge it on things that its built upon such as finding clues, interrogation and so on, not because its not action oriented. This game caught my eye because of the new technology used for it and I'm talking about motion scan which is basically you seeing an actual actors facial expressions implemented into the game. The actors used for this look as they do in the game with minor changes of course. This is the first time this technology is being used, and yes I know that Heavy Rain had very good facial animation as well but it is NOT the same technology. The final thing I would like to say about this subject is, DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT rent or buy this game if your expecting Grand Theft Auto because you will be disappointed with it. This game was not built based upon that type of game play, It was built for being a detective so get use to it, quit whining and just play the game. This game has been very very interesting so far and the main reason is because the game play and cinematic portions go right together to create an experience unlike anything before it. I found myself at some points not knowing when the switch was. I could not give this game a perfect though for as it is somewhat repetitive in certain cases and that they unfold weather regulative the same way but overall L.A. Noire is a fantastic game for a mystery/crime and adventure fan as I am. So people if your looking for a game similar to mass effect with a wonderful new setting, grittier story and the action to back it up then this game is for you

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GF Rating


Great game with a few flaws.

posted by Aradace (LANSING, MI) May 25, 2011

Member since Feb 2009

I dont hand out 10's to very many games but this one, despite the handful of flaws it has, still deserves it.

For starters, this game is NOT for everyone. If you go into this expecting something like GTA or Saint's Row or Godfather, then you are going to be vastly disappointed. This is a game for people who like to use their brains more than their brawn. And despite what some may try to tell you, it is genuinely difficult at times to tell whether or not a person is lying or telling the truth (which is a good thing). You really do have to look at not only the person's face when you are interviewing them, but listen to the subtle influxes in their voices as well. Which in and of itself is not only a nod and big thumbs up to the faces and facial expressions in this game, but to the voice acting as well. Even Mass Effect doesnt come close to the caliber of either in this game.

The story is very well thought out in my opinion and each case will have most people thinking right up to the end as to what really happened. I personally enjoyed trying to figure out what happened even before the end of the case which added yet another degree of fun to it.

The street cases are a nice break in between all of your investigating are is essentially where "most" of the action comes from. Again, if spending potentially hours on end going over evidence and interviewing suspects and witnesses isnt your thing, then this game is not for you. (And might I add that you shouldnt consider ever being a detective either if thats the case heh.)

The only gripes I have about this game were the cover system, (which when compared next to GoW, nothing even comes close) and a few graphical glitches where at times a person could be speaking, but their face, lips, etc arent moving. Which, doesnt happen often enough for it to really be any concern.

In the end, this is an awesome game worth your time, if your I.Q. is higher than your shoe size and you enjoy a good mental challenge.

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