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GF Rating


Enjoyable, for a little bit.

posted by denzo45 (ASHTABULA, OH) Oct 29, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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I'd have to say that after playing KS1 I expected a little better than this. Here are a few thoughts.

-Golf is great, easy to learn and fun to play. I'd like to see Tiger Woods golf do something like this.
-Football is interesting, but relatively simple. You don't play defense, and there are no running plays. You get to return kicks, play as quarterback and choose from 6 limited passing plays, and you get to kick field goals. Thats it.
- Skiing is the most fun of them all. You get to slalom through gates, crouch for speed, and jump off of jumps. I had the most fun with this. Simple, but really fun.

-Tennis is the same as table tennis. Only you don't have to move around, the game does it for you. Fairly boring.
-Baseball is messed up. The commentary is lousy. It says "Nice fastball!" when you throw a curveball. You try to throw a curveball and it throws a fastball, you throw a fastball and it throws a curveball. The gestures for baseball are just messed up.
- Darts can be fun, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to aim and do the gestures for perfect aiming. If you do not keep your arm straight, it throws the dart aim off considerably.

In short:
This is a quality sequel, but I would have expected it to be a little more polished in terms of the gesture controls. Darts and Baseball controls are wonky, and tennis is uninteresting. I'd liked to have seen Ice Hockey instead of Tennis. Good for a rental.

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GF Rating


Very Fun

posted by anna259831 (NAPLES, FL) Oct 29, 2011

Member since May 2011

4 out of 9 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

Really fun game. Theres football,Baseball,Skiing, Darts, Golf and Tennis. Way better the season 1. But take breaks and dont play more an hour each day or you'll be really sore.

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GF Rating


Season 2- Just Ok

posted by joweazy10 (CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH) Oct 26, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

2 out of 7 gamers (29%) found this review helpful

I was really excited for this game. After playing the first game, I was looking foward to this game.

I found it kind of boring. Each sport was just ok. I like games for the kinect where you move a lot. I was really sweating during the first games.

Football- You just throw your arm foward when the light over there head is green. Once that its basically an automatic catch. From there you just run in place and eventually get tackled. You can't dodge the players either.

Tennis- Would be really fun if you moved the player. All you do is swing your arm around the time of the ball approaching. The computer runs to the ball. All you do is hit the ball. It can go on for a long time.

Skiing- Pretty fun, Probably the best sport on the game. Its hard to control the skier through the flags though.

Baseball- Its fun for the first twenty minutes, celebrating,Pitching, and batting. Homeruns are easily hit regardless of the pitch. It gets boring after a while.

Darts- Honestly I didnt even try. Darts itself even in real life isnt that fun.

Golf- Golf was ok, Its not like most golf games where you can place your shot. You basically just hit the ball and it goes on the Green. Again Golf is ok, it gets a little boring after awhile.

The sports wouldnt be boring if you felt you were getting a good workout or cardio. The first was better with boxing and soccer, and even ping pong. The game is not worth buying unless its for a kid. I rented the game from Gamefly, and took it back the same night. Some will think its fun. I think its at least worth a quick rent. I do like how you can talk to the xbox(sometimes it doesnt even work) through voice commands. The songs are good and fun to celebrate too. Its a funny game. You can have some fun with it. (Celebrating after making a catch in the outfield)

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