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An Immersive Sandbox

posted by officeninj (GAINESVILLE, FL) Jul 29, 2010

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Just Cause 2 has a lot of things going for it: lots of destructible scenery, a nice array of weaponry and vehicles, a huge, detailed world to move around in, and creative story missions that range from climbing WW2-era lightning towers to defusing nuclear missiles in mid-flight. Not to mention a wicked-cool grappling hook. It's unapologetically stupid, making no excuses for the ridiculous (yet fun) spectacles that occur every chapter.
That said, it has its problems. The camera can be fairly maddening; more than once I couldn't see what was right in front of me because my own head was in the way. When you're being shot at, it can be nearly impossible to tell what is shooting you (and from which direction) unless you have a HDTV. I call this "inFamous Syndrome".
All in all, this kept me more entertained than most sandbox games and I'd recommend it, at least for rental.

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Nothing but FUN.

posted by CamelToad (MEMPHIS, TN) Mar 24, 2010

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The over the top game play combined with what has to be the largest game world ever in a game in Just Cause 2 makes it one of those games that you have to force yourself to quit playing. So much exploration and freedom with so many forms of travel including planes, jets, helicopters, a variety of ground vehicles and the parachute + grapple. This is an open world/sandbox game that is done so well you will find yourself spending hours at a time inbetween the actual missions because the game world is so gigantic that everywhere you look you will see something in the distance that sparks your interest.

Worthy of note: a great feature exclusive to the PS3 is the ability to record your game play and instantly post it to youtube, and with the variety of insane stunts you can pull off you'll love having it recorded to show your friends.

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Just cause 2

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 26, 2010

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Just cause 2 is very cool and fun. The world is very detailed and with simple game mechanics that makes the game a instant classic. Just cause 2 plays like Mercenaries2 but without the flaws. The game isn't very much like Grand Theft Auto, other then the open world exploration.

You play as Scorpio, well that is what the local gangs call him. Scorpio is Actually a government Secret Agent who is uncovering a sinister Dictator's hidden agenda... By blowing up everything in sight.

Billions of unique cars, billions of helicopters, aircraft(even a 747 airliner), boats, etc... in which to do your secret agent destruction in. Certain buildings blow up, trees get knocked over, and even a snazzy lil grappling hook to hook statues onto your car and drive down a residential street with a statues' head being towed behind.
The map is ridiculously large, but even more remarkably is the detail of the world. The shaders and blending techniques are most beautiful
seen, especially in a Exploration Game world this size. You can also swim underwater, which is also rich in detail.

Made by Square Enix and Edios, who have demonstrated game mechanics can be very simple as long as certain physics of the game are outstanding... {By using rag-doll motions for getting hit/killed to characters in game but having detailed explosions, which many game developers place absolute realistic motion without the shock and awe of a explosion, as like GTAIV.

Square Enix developed a standard for open world exploration.. The story is very basic. Just Cause2 has endless moments of laughing hysterically at something you done/accidentally did. You can also record and upload action moments you did in the game!

You should definitely try Just Cause2, try the demo if you are not sure. I was very amazed an exhausted from exploring the rich detailed world. It is a game you can play over and over.

You constantly see something new in Just Cause2.

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