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Above Average

not all that

posted by bulldog83 (BEL AIR, MD) Apr 12, 2010

Member since Nov 2008

i dont review games ever but i had to on this one. ill start with the good first. the world graphics are really good, other then that its like playing a ps2 game. the bad guys through out the game take way to many shots to kill. the bosses are easy as anything to kill its just stupid! the worst voice acting i have ever heard in a game so bad! the grappling hook only works half the time when you want it. the rest of the time its just bad. it just slows you down and gets you stuck on things you didnt aim at. the police of the island come after you when you dont even do anything. its so bad if you want a open world adventure. stick with grand thefts new installment way better. dont waste your time on this game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The Best Sandbox Game Of All Time

posted by Tsukune (TULSA, OK) Apr 12, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

There are almost no other games with the freedom, the scale, and the sheer fun of Just Cause 2. This game is like all the Hollywood stunts, explosions, and peril all clustered together in a video game and it is fantastic. It isn't without problems, however everything else Just Cause 2 has to offer will compensate for any problems.
Story/Presentation: The game has slick menus and minimal load times. The story isn't good, but it sets up the action nicely. As for presentation, it does the job right.
Graphics: Amazing. There is so much detail and diversity in the environments, its appalling and the sheer number of locations and landmarks is almost overwhelming. There isn't too much lag and the frame rate is steady.
Sound: Voice acting is average, but the music has a very James Bond-like feel to it and it fits. While the Panuan accents are horribly hilarious in the dialogue, sounds like gunfire and explosions are great.
Gameplay: There is so much stuff to do in Just Cause 2, I can't even cover a fraction of it in the limited character space of this review. As the player, you have weapons, explosives, various vehicles and much more at your disposal. You will make the island of Panau your destructive playground and have a ball doing so.
Replay Value: Off the charts. This game is HUGE. There are 400 square miles of landscape to travel in which there are 49 faction missions, hundreds of locations to discover (and Easter eggs!), tons of collectibles, and a lot of Chaos to be unleashed.
You will be busy for 90 hours at the Very least.
Good graphics; fantastically made gameplay mechanics;
Incredible replay value; tons of freedom and tons of fun;
The cutscenes and some lip-syncing look atrocious; The story is bland;Sometimes, missions become repetitve/boring; The checkpoint system is bad, and sometimes if you die before an objective is complete, you have to completely start over.

Just Cause 2 is a very good game that deserves a rent, if not a buy.
Get is ASAP 8/10

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GF Rating


Hey its Mercs 2 Dude with a Bonic Arm

posted by mars188 (BRISTOW, OK) Apr 3, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2003

AI Is just like Merc s 2 most of this Game feels like Mercs 2- Only Big thing it has going for it is the Dude s Bonic Arm- Is it worth it because of this- Maybe- Another Cool deal you can Drive anything in the Game Anything even a Jumbo Jet- Game story main Story Missions are not that long if not for making Choas to unlock the next Mission it takes forever to unlock the next Main Mission so this Add s to the Game- Kind of a cheap-way of doing it- With all the side things you can do then just going around blasting away its a good Game Not Great- Wait for a price drop say about 24-29 bucks- About it Folks Enjoy- Thanks

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