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posted by bowsmasher (SPRING HILL, FL) Nov 17, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

I don't have the lexicon too express nor explain, the immensely complex-simplicity of this game.

It makes you feel closer to nature, closer to yourself. You del deep emotions rarely experienced through typical Blood, Guts, Gore, Bullet's and carnage as is usually the focal point of most games...sadly. This game takes a great risk...Spoiler... it succeeds.

The only dull spot on this impressive collection. Game play is simple and graphics detailed/unique. Playing as an ameba, eat other amebas, get larger, dive deeper. Unfortunately, Flow doesn't manage to spring the invigorating emotions it's neighbors bring to the screen. It's simple, if you like the game, you may keep playing. But, if you think it redundant, as i did. You will give up on it without going any deeper.

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Unique Resting Games

posted by BungaHead (CLINTON, MO) Oct 21, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

I highly recommend this highly creative bundle of games if you are in the market for a unique experience.

First off, I played Flower. Flower is a unique experience, you playing as the wind and using the PS3 Six-axis mechanic in your controller and any button to blow your flower petal through gorgeous and moving scenery.

Journey really impressed me with how it's simple premise and flying mechanic was so fulfilling. I enjoyed the anonymous "companion" matching and interactions. I thoroughly enjoying playing with random people, who sometimes would drop out, but I was lucky to meet great people who led me around to collect every symbol and glyph. How nice. We became friends afterwards on PSN after what we had been through on this moving journey this game takes you on.

It's a short campaign with 8 levels but with very high replay value. Once I completed the journey I felt ecstatic and ready to play it again. I play through it 3 times all with different people and I took away a different experience each time. This is a must play.

Flow, I didn't really play. Not my type of game and it's six-axis control was nothing like I experienced with Flower. I played maybe 10 minutes and passed to enjoy Journey and Flower again.

Fantastic games from a fantastic game developer.

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Best game i've played in a long time

posted by fail0045 (TUCSON, AZ) Jul 9, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

How does one tell a story with no words? I could not tell you that but journy some how knew just how to tell one of the best story's scense half-life 2. Buy this game

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