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Let's Compare This To Part 1.. Since No Review Has

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Jun 11, 2012

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This is Neptunia 2... so how does it compare to Neptunia 1?

The story is not as interesting because we already know about all the characters and who and what they are. Even though you play the game as the younger sister(s) of the main Goddess(es), it is still kind of the same thing as before.

The city exploration is similar and is still click-based like before. However now the cities are laid-out in a strange 2D isometric grid. You cannot move around the grid, you select what to do from a list, but the view is interesting, I guess.

Movement to dungeons and cities is not open and long winded like before, and you don't have to wait for different lands to align at different times to travel to them. Now you get around instantaneously by clicking on a large map.

Fighting is not stationary anymore, you now move around a 3D battle area, selecting where and how to attack or run from enemies. It is very modern, and very much like Moonlight Sonata. The bad news is you cannot just turbo the X button to blow through battles mindlessly, you have to actively participate in every single one... boo.

Personally I don't like the changes. I liked the first game because is was like old Nintendo RPG's, only with hot chicks. Now it like a more modern game, still with hot chicks, but if I wanted to play a modern RPG, there are better ones out there.

In short the game is lacking its original old school feel, and has replaced it with more modern gameplay engines, which do not work that great.

Keep in mind part 3 is already on it way, and this series remains in top ratings in Japan, so it certainly doesn't "suck." If you like the hot anime chicks, you get to see a lot of good scenes right at the beginning of the game.

So definitely worth a rent and a couple of days play, but probably not worth playing all the way through... think I'll just read about what happens and watch the ending on YouTube.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not bad, not great. Just a few steps above good

posted by KiteEllipsus (OGDEN, UT) Jun 16, 2012

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Solid gameplay, reminded me of Breath of Fire 5 a tad. Story, cute and fun but not terribly complex or astounding. In short its fun, a grand epic journey it aint, but it is worth a quick rent

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Great game

posted by RedSniper777 (DADE CITY, FL) Mar 19, 2012

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Although it may be slightly time consuming this game is a very in depth JRPG. I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a great game to sit down and enjoy for a number of hours.

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