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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by weeneedog (NEWBERN, TN) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

Wow, what a let down! This game had so much hype and then I played it. Stay away from this game

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GF Rating

Above Average

rent for the experience, but dont buy!!

posted by gAm3Rx (BROOKLYN, NY) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Jan 2007

This game gave me the chills for the first five minutes, but it was all down hill from there. I am incredibly disappointed because this game had the potential to put tears in the eyes of patriots all across this country, but it failed miserably. The graphics were bad, the guns all felt the same, apart from the sound, and every kill seemed dull and bland. It didn't feel like I was taking back my country from filthy commies that wished to decimate every American on the face of the planet; it felt like I was shooting at moving practice dummies. This game should have had an epic soundtrack to give make the situation seem dire, but we were given an almost arcade-like rock-and-roll soundtrack that felt completely out of place. I've been waiting for this game for months and was anticipating a lot more -_-. Hopefully Homefront 2 is gunna pull out all the stops and make this game of the year quality. Hopefully Treyarch picks this up... God Bless America! Semper Fi

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GF Rating


Not great, but still worth buying or renting!

posted by dogiojoe (GARDEN CITY, ID) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

Wow, what a game! To think that THQ pulled it off, and well they sort of did. With a great story plot, and a somewhat similar Battlefield type multiplayer... THQ did an ok job. But what are the grizzly details of this patriotic first person shooter? Let's find out!

First & foremost, Homefront's story line is a good one. But venture off on not listening to the itty bity details, and you find yourself wondering what's going on. It's got good quality, and somewhat of fair graphics. The AI is good, but not great. For example, you go to the other end of the map already knowing what you're roll is, you will still have to wait for the AI to finish their speech & hustle on over before you can continue. But Homefront's story isn't all that bad... It still portrays a lot of "What if" questions and it does a good job showing what an occupation of the United States would look like. If you are a USA citizen, you would "feel" for the characters. Because you know what true freedom is, and why the resistance is fighting.

But on the other hand, the multiplayer is just as good, but it too has its drawbacks. Take for example your standard firefight that you would face in multiplayer. The maps are large, and the equipment is good. But know this, if you're a run & gunner, be aware. You don't always have enough time to stop, point & shoot. And your standard knife fights are good, but make sure you know where your enemy is. Or you won't be able to stab him in the back before he shoots you. Also, if you rent the game from GameFly, & you play multiplayer... You will have to enter the code from the official copy of the game. Meaning you will have to buy it before you can level up pass Lvl5.

All together, Homefront has its drawbacks, but that doesn't mean you should not buy or rent it. It still packs a punch when it comes to a different style of gaming. Just realize this... When you play Homefront, be prepared. Everything is good but just like any game it does have its drawbacks.

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