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Really Bad

Not what I expected.

posted by Iceman2383 (SENATOBIA, MS) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Jul 2008

I have to say that I was let down by Homefront. I expected it to at least meet the requirements of this day in age FPS. It didn't. The campaign was fun and the graphics are good, not wow by any means. The multiplayer I'm sure is where it's at with this game. The levels are nicely laid out and has a lot of nice features....Only thing is, I'm not gonna pay 800 MS points on top of the 60 bucks a year for Xbox live just to play the multiplayer online! You can play the multiplayer without paying but you'll only make it to level 5 so if you want more then so do they. And of course you won't unlock anything decent until after level 5. To pay 800MS points to play ANY game online is absolutely ridiculous! It's bad enough you have to pay for Xbox Live. Seriously let down, Thanks a lot THQ!

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GF Rating


5 because its literally half of other fps games

posted by Bebo5992 (STOCKBRIDGE, GA) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

the campaign is super 3 hours seriously. the enemies see you way too easy and half perfect aim. the mechanics are terrible, everything feels laggy. your fellow ai is just dumb and bossy. the graphics are like ipod touch games. character are connected to the floor and walls when they get close. your partners will just pause if your in the way. youll find yourself dying from grenades all the time. its just stupid. the story is only good in the beggining where you might find yourself actually tearing up for like three seconds....but thats as far as it goes.
the multiplayer can be super fun at times, if you ever actually get into a match. i found myself waiting more time then actually playing.then there are only 2 types of games. also, the mechanics are slow, and often times you find yourself straining your eyes to hit targets 200 yards away. your enemies do this really fake rag doll motion when they die or blow up. you have to hit your target 2 or 3 times when sniping. there are only about 7 guns. the gun sounds are just terrible. the knifing is so awkward, u literally knife with super human speed. when you throw grenades, u aim for 20 feet and they go 20 yards. then the grenades lay on the ground for like 3 seconds after going the said 20 yards. the vehicles and battle points were sort of fun.
this game is just flawed. the idea was fantastic but the delivery was a mess. overall, rent it, then after 3 hours of campaign and 1 hour ranking up to lvl 5 unless you pay 10 bucks, send it back, and go back to your black ops or bad company 2.

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posted by LtDrum (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Jan 2009

I have been waiting for this game since I first heard about it. "Ooh a FPS with a gorilla, Fight your way back to the top feel". Then I got it... the graphics are bad, at points throughout the game there was very bad pixilation and jitter. I found a lot of invisible walls that either blocked my bullet or got in the way. I also found myself asking why can’t I shoot the enemy thought the pallet that he was standing behind. The sound effects we horrible, the guns remind me of arcade-like gun fire. The only saving grace for this game was the story line. I actually like the story and the intensity of the game, however the game is VERY SHORT. I beat it in about 5 hours if not less; there is no climax to the story. Its fight ... fight... fight ... wait... what... game over...?? what the.... I gave this game a 3 ONLY because it has a great concept and some cool vehicles that you can control. I have not played the MP component yet, RENTERS BEWARE, like most of the companies are starting to do now; you have to have a code from the game to allow you to advance in the MP mode. If you don’t have a code you can only reach a LVL 5 in MP. You can buy a code from the market place for 800 points (about $10) or you can buy the game.

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