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Is the Game really over?

posted by Raven11 (SANTA ANA, CA) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

ok so i started playing the game last night...n i liked the game. the graphics couldve of been a lot a lot better, but the gameplay was good. So i was going to spend the night playing it, then all of a sudden i saw the credits come up!!! i was like what in the world? i thought the U.S.A. was about to start of fighting back!!! EXTREMELY SHORT STORY!!!!!!!!!

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This isnt what they say it is...

posted by whatup5656 (DOVER, DE) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

So I was very hesitant on getting this game because of some many people complaining about it. I haven't been looking forward to it either. Well it came in on gamefly, I let it sit on the counter for a little bit before finally giving it a try. Went straight into mulitplayer to see what the whole redeem code was. To my surprise I started playing the game. So the whole redeem code allows you to rank up past level 5. Which comes pretty fast. Now there is so much stuff to play with while playing multiplayer. Drones, tanks, helicopters...the works and none of it is vastly superior than the others. Which is a big plus. The combat is fun and pretty realistic. A lot of my kills have been with the pistol. Sniping is different but the drones make up for that for all the snipers out there. Driving will take time to get used too. Could use some fixing. The graphics are not top of the line graphics either. Its right up there with MAG. Which doesn't make the game any worse. Gameplay is a lot like Battlefield Bad Company 2 but more fast pace. Nothing like Call of duty. Haven't tried single player yet...not expecting much. The multiplayer is where it is at. So if you like any type of multiplayer like MAG or Battlefield Bad Company 2, than this is a great buy. Especially since you can only get the full experience with the redeem code.

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Great Premise Ruined By Bad Mechanics

posted by jay419 (PRAGUE, OK) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Jan 2009

Yes it's influenced by COD but Homefront has a great idea, it just doesn't draw you in very well. The Good: fighting in cool settings. The Bad: Not really fun to play.

The Look
Graphics are fine, not on Infinity Ward's level, but they're good. They've improved on Red Factions looks. The interiors are dark and bland at times. The area views are good, the scope is good and the American setting translates well. It's weird to see a football field turned into an internment camp. It needs polish, but it still looks good.

The Story
I would have enjoyed some narration between stages. Instead you have to find old newspapers that give you back story of events leading to the present. This can get old quick. They are easy to find but it's distracting to stop a gunfight to read text for the story. There isn't really a narrative here just a premise and a play-through.

The Game-Play
This is where Homefront let me down. This game has a major aiming issue. Like Killzone, you'll stand directly in front of an enemy, fire, and hit nothing, firing left or right of the enemy. It's supposed to have aim assist but it didn't help me any. For a shooter to be good, you have to be able to...shoot. Some of the guns are great but you can't use them well.
It's easy to die which you will often. Your teammates don't do much but stand in the way. The "sprint" bounces the gun up and down but doesn't add speed. In fact this whole game has a slow flow to it. You can't hustle when you need. Grenades are very effective both ways. So when one lands near you, you won't have time to get away because you're too slow.

The Verdict
The best part of Homefront is the theatrical aspect of war inside the U.S. The mass graves in a baseball diamond for example are freaky to see. Though underdeveloped, the idea is great. It's different to fight in a grade school rather than a jungle. But it's not enough to save the bad tech issues. Not the great shooter of 2011 like expected.

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