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Battlefield Bad Company 2--on a budget

posted by monkeycat (BRANDON, FL) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Sep 2009

that's basically what it is...just get bfbc2, it does everything this game is trying to do, only MUCH better.
the "feel" of the game, how it controls, is wonky. how a shooter "feels" is the single-most important mechanic of the game, and this one gets it all wrong.
the much-touted "story" is alright, but not enough to keep me too interested.
the multiplayer just makes me want to play battlefield.

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Another Shooter better served as a 3rd person

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) Mar 17, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2005

If you have played games like Fallout, Mercenaries, Resistance, GTA, Godfather etc. You understand what I'm talking about. I'm glad gamefly came about, before we would have had to buy this game. Only to find out it wasn't what the commercials made it out to be.

Game is straight forward and nothing really special. The fire fights are intense. And like all AI partner games, they bark orders. Hang you out to dry and make no shots against their AI counterparts.

This is one of those games were you should be able to carry as much ammo and grenades as you can. A max weight should have be design lets say, 1OOLBS of gear.

After about 2 hours in I didn't care anymore. I only wish the upcoming SOCOM is 10 times better than this better than this.

Too many game designers, stick us with only one option. Either 1st or 3rd person. Few give you both, there are times a 1st person view is required. But in Shooter games, were you don't care about playing online.

3RD PERSON gives you quicker shot selection, especially when the AI foe is breathing down you neck. For me, I had plan to buy it, then I played it. A honestly it's nothing special. Too many times your character could have shots with his Sniper rifle. Or your character you be able to flank the AI bad guy. But program won't allow it.

Commercials make it seem like it's OUTSTANDING yet it's not even on the level of RESISTANACE.

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Is the Game really over?

posted by Raven11 (SANTA ANA, CA) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

ok so i started playing the game last night...n i liked the game. the graphics couldve of been a lot a lot better, but the gameplay was good. So i was going to spend the night playing it, then all of a sudden i saw the credits come up!!! i was like what in the world? i thought the U.S.A. was about to start of fighting back!!! EXTREMELY SHORT STORY!!!!!!!!!

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