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Hitman Absolution and the Hitman Series

posted by whatup5656 (DOVER, DE) Nov 21, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

12 out of 17 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I have played this series from the ground up with Hitman Blood Money being my favorite. All that put aside, this game does stand up to par from the other games. Maybe not Contracts but if you are a fan of Blood Money, this game is great. The story is interesting, gameplay is fluid, David Bates is the voice of 47, new ways to assassinate targets, and the game includes a little bit of action. So, the game just isn't silent and deadly. You may go the first part of the mission silently, but towards the end, you may be gunning it out. The graphics are great as well.

There is a few bad things. The game is definitely more story driven than the last games. So, at times, it feels like a movie than a game. Nothing wrong with that at all. This is the first time this game has felt like a hitman with the new assassination mechanics. The other thing that bothers me a little, is the shortness of some of the missions. Don't let those little things get to you though. This game is great, even as a stand alone game. I played the game on purist mode and for a hardcore fan, this is the way to go because it allows you to become a hitman. The other modes are great as well. The new instincts for 47 are great tools to give the game some variety. I have not been able to try the online contracts mode because the developers haven't opened it.

They have definitely stepped it up past Blood Money and this game is definitely worth a buy. I wish you all good luck in your assassinations on the game.

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Worth a rent, not 60$

posted by george06 (OOLTEWAH, TN) Dec 2, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

So I've been a Hitman player for a while now, I loved the original games to death! From the start this game didn't sit right with me. The writing was horrid and the cut scenes boring. The graphics turned rain water into oil as you will see when the characters are drenched in rain and bath water. Hitman has been turned into a cover shooter with option to be stealthy or avoid firefights. I waited so long for this game and what i got was a huge disappointment. The voice acting is amateurish, not to mention the dialog seems to be written by a 5 year old who cusses like a sailor. Overall this game does merit a rent. Thats all though, wasting 60$ on this is just giving Square Enix free money for something that doesn't deserve it!

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Good game, with a few flaws.

posted by ExaltedDarkness (EUGENE, OR) Nov 25, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I'm going to try and be honestly fair with this
In Absolution, a good quarter of my game time was spent replaying most of the levels and checkpoint. The sense of still wanting to get a perfect, well achieved hit is still in this game, but it just doesn't feel the same. The Instinct ability is rather handy in my opinion, though in other gamer's opinions it is not. It helps you determine what you can use throughout the environment which was a huge help in getting a perfect kill. The story is...okay I would say. The other games have been better. The game play is nice and fluid however. Sound is great, graphics are good. But what frustrated me is that in Absolution, it rates you on how you play throughout the level. Now while that's all fine and dandy, it can be a bit frustrating. It makes you think "Should I kill this guy, or distract him so my score won't go down?". It can be frustrating at times making you want to replay a BUNCH. The thing that depressed me is that, in Absolution, a lot of 47's gear is not in it. You have your signature silverballers, and your fiber wire, and that's it. I miss the feature in Blood Money where you could pick out the weapons in specific that you wanted.

I guess what I wanted was a very slightly revamped Hitman: Blood Money. From the reviews, I assume a lot of other people did too. Overall, good game, worth a rent. Have fun, guys.

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