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Not for everyone and not ready for sale

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Jan 31, 2013

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Just to start out with this game is not good for everyone. It is a classic lightgun style game since you don't do anything but aim and reload.

So that said, it is very not ready for release, the control is easy enough and yet, horrible. The aiming reticle reacts slowly to you and moves slow. In other words you can aim and shoot at one person in the same amount of time it takes them to empty a clip, and they do not fire full auto.

Cover system is alright, you use the right stick to decide to take cover or not. Course there are instances where there is no cover and these are when the slow reaction time comes to the front and kicks your hiny.

Game itself looks well enough, it's not groundbreaking but it's not simple either, basic run of the mill every other shooter made in the last few years.

Basic design is pretty good, very not what the military would face and react to the way you do in the game. Otherwise it's well thought out.

This game would be good if they had say gotten a light gun to work on kinect like they planned. Alternately made a light gun to work on the Xbox, or put this on a different console. As it stands now, this game is a waste of time, theirs and ours. It is not horrible but definitely not a good game as it stands now.

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A poor budget arcade shooter

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Feb 10, 2013

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Heavy Fire is a game you'd expect to see at the arcade in the 1980's you'd pay 25cents to play. If you've ever played any quarter arcade game like Terminator or Lethal Weapon (where you actually use a physical gun to aim and shoot), then expect that type of play with this game.

You have no control over moving of your character. You can only use the LS to control the reticle to aim and shoot. Your character automatically moves 100%, but at times you get the option to use cover to duck in/out to shoot. This was never made for using a controller, and it feels bad.

You have no regenerating health, but can shoot powerups. There are things to blow up like barrels, but without any control over moving, the game gets old after about 4 minutes of play. It's got the old school difficulty that you don't see anymore either, so I think most who rent will be put off simply by those factors.

You have only 1 health bar and the only way to gain health is by shooting some random health icons on screen. So if you have almost zero health and get to a checkpoint and die, you'll spawn over and over again with almost zero health again. So you have to usually restart the entire level... what a huge pain. They used to do that so you would have to stick another quarter in the cabinet to play, but that concept doesn't work on a console with a controller.

It looks brutally old too, with very poor sound (that seemed to go on and off at will during missions) and horrible graphics for a game released now. It looks like a dusty terd that was left to harden somewhere 9 years ago, and now was curiously revived to be a multi-console release for a reason I cannot understand. If anyone spent full retail purchasing this game, I would contact the mfg and get your money back.

This game is what it is and nothing more. You can tell it was a very low budget game that never stood a chance, so probably avoid this one unless you want some easy gamer points.

Milt Drucker

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Shattered Spear

posted by AngrySquirrel (OCALA, FL) Jan 30, 2013

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Please, Do not waste your time on this game... is terrible!

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