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Release Dates Wrong!!

posted by StinkySlinky300 (NIANTIC, CT) Feb 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

This game came out the 6th of November not the 5th, I remember vividly because it was one of the best days of my life! This games amazing and I spent all election day playing it!

It is truly amazing what 343 accomplished, making a game with incredible updated graphics, new modes and abilities and an overall fun and exciting halo that stands out, not some recycled overdone product.

All of this while working with a seven year old console is mind boggling, but 343 pushed the envelope and developed a stunningly beautiful and fluent game

Not only that, but with the type of budget microsoft spent, I am flabbergasted by how generous the creators are. A season pass half that of their competitors, free forge map (with the built in ability to make any other map you could imagine and update multiplayer with by adding variation) and halo waypoint which is loaded with hours of background videos an pictures while giving you updates and showing your personal statistics across every halo game for FREE

But it still dosent stop there! The game ships with two disc but after you download disc two you only need disc one to play for your convince. Along with spartan ops and spartan ops season two (by the way, ALSO free) you get a built in movie and hours of extra gamplay

Not to mention 343 takes great care of the game they update it constantly and listen to their fan base

Im not gonna lie, there are some chinks in halo 4's armor, like no UNSC flying vehicle, ranking system, armor and others, but their nothing that wont be fixed in the future when Halo 5 comes around on the xbox one which give 343 much more room to work with than an outdated 360

Halo 4 was (and still is) a great game, but its main function was a bridge from the old trilogy to the new on the new console. If you get halo 4, your in good hands, but understand Halo 4 has served its purpose (extremely well I may add) and has done so in order to build the emphasis for halo 5 to come which will be

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by jayprime (BOYES HOT SPRINGS, CA) Feb 2, 2014

Member since Feb 2012

343 did a great job taking the mantle away from Bungie. The game looks great with a good story. The action is pretty good but not the best. No more dual weapon usage which was kind of a drag. The game is about 8 hours on hard and can easily be beaten on normal over a weekend. The stand out in this game is the quality of overall sound effects. The music sound great and the guns are "punchy". But I use a amp/dac paired with Beyerdynamics. But overall a good game worth a rental but not a buy.

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The worst one yet

posted by Shadowstacker7 (DUNDALK, MD) Jan 18, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

The game gives you 5 hours for easy 7 normal 12 hard and legendary no replay value marines now have the health of the guys on cod 1 shot man down

Although this game has some pros like great story if u beat it on legendary you see his face and a nice challenge but what happened to the covanent? Why did chief get new armor when he was asleep for a long time did his armor just transform? It's a good game but explain a thing or two

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