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I poop on you and all that u are.

posted by Stemmy (CLARKSVILLE, IN) Nov 22, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Not really this game is the bee's knees for real hommies. Totally captures the GTA essence, never has killing homeless people in dark alleys with a baseball bat or broken bottle for 4hrs been so realistic and satisfying. Robbing stores and slowly killing all the witnesses, just wish they hadn't left out home invasion side missions and of course rape but I have high hopes for GTA 6 to be everything a sociopath would need. As the past GTA games have proven, this one also is especially fun when smoking that sweet sweet reefer...

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posted by GameBoyReview (LOUISVILLE, KY) Oct 26, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

This game sucks. It's a mockery to the first 4 titles of GTA

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my rating for it in 2008.

posted by Darclyfe (CLEVELAND, OH) Oct 14, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

Now let me start off by saying. This is a late review. But I don't Care, during the time SEVEN years ago Grand theft Auto IV was a great game. Let me say this the story was great. It introduced a lot of interesting characters. Example, Niko Bellic, Niko is a European straight of the boat and his cousin (almost like brother) Roman Bellic is there to meet him. But not is all what it seems. Jump into modern day Liberty city (which we haven't seen since GTA III) and the generations graphics really upped the look of GTA IV all together. Now- to talk about what I dislike about it present day. -No Replay Value. Although a great story. This doesn't have a much another reason to be replayed. -DLC TLAD and TBoGT. They were both really good. But both extremely short. I loved TLAD: Understand this, I am huge Sons of Anarchy fan. And once I heard Rock star can the idea of a Sons of Anarchy video game I was sad. But when I saw the commercial of Gta tlad I was excited. Although it took me a full year before I even got the dlc. And it wasn't worth the wait. And not only that it was just painfully short. Multiplayer Pros + Cons: Pro #1. Fun Con #1. Everything was repetitive. Pro #2. Character creation. Con #2. Lack of character customization.

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