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THIS IS LIBERTY CITY! wuts yo dream!?

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Apr 28, 2008

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Grand Theft Auto,Grand Theft Auto2,GTA3,GTA:ViceCity,G- TA:SanAndreas,GTA:Liberty- CityStories,GTA:ViceCityS- tories...Grand Theft Auto 4. its an odd timeline, naming the ninth game in a franchise GTA4. but no one seems to notice or care, and do you know why? ITS BECAUSE THESE GAMES ARE SO UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE! Rockstar Games has realy outdone themselves this time folks, and do you know why you can beleive me? because I gave this game a 10. anyone whos read my reviews knows that i dont do that, because i always leave room for improvement. This game is as close to perfect as it can come.

so what is GTA known for?
1.GREAT open world gameplay:CHECK jacking:check
3.sticking it to the man with its strong moral flexibility:BIG CHECK.
4....not so great graphics(which leads me to my point, so be patient)
you know that time when u and ur friends were saying how if GTA had better graphics and no loading screens and maybe some multiplayer, how much more it would ROCK!? well ROCKSTAR games heard ur conversation, and they decided to prove a point with this game. they fixed ALL problems, and added EVERYTHING u might want (short of a winged motorcycle that can do 500mph...but im sure u'll find a cheat 4 that). seriously guys, i dont have enough room in this review to cover CLOSE everything in this game, so here r the highlites.
1.VASTLY improved graphics(nextgen worty fo sho)
2.AMAZING physics. shoot a person in the leg and they trip and slow down, get hit by a car and bounce and fall realisticly, and even a redesigned car physic that sadly forces u to brake every once in a while.
3. and of course its wonderful morals. shoot a guy, shoot a pedestrian, shoot a cop, and take their stuff. run over a guy, run over a pedestreian, run over a cop, take their stuff...i think you get the idea.
listen, EVERYTHING has been improved.BUY THIS GAME. it is a BIG 10/10. enjoy.

this review brought to u by Pucheo Films on Pucheo on Youtube 4 offbeat comedy

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Great Job Rockstar, You Did It Again!

posted by Brian25704 (SOUTH POINT, OH) Jun 9, 2009

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I loved this game and it was very addicting and it has lots of stuff you can do around the great city of Liberty City (which looks like New York City) and they took the game to great advantages. First, the graphics on the game are simply awesome whether it be swimming, running, driving, or even falling off the Empire State Building, it was all very realistic and addictive. Second, the missions are simply great and really fun. You have main missions where you can choose the way your story on the game can end, and you have side missions to earn a little cash or meet old friends. Third, you get to have your very own cellphone where you can call your Niko's friends, change the background, ringtone, and even save cheats on the phone. Lastly, the online gameplay is really good to you can play various games types online with friends or just free roam around the city with your buddys. In all, its a magnificant game and I can just imagine the next GTA coming in the Rockstar franchise so in my opinion...keep up the great work Rockstar!

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Simply amazing.

posted by cityofdis0 (YANKTON, SD) Jun 5, 2009

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Grand Theft Auto 4 takes the ideas and concepts of it's siblings, and just about perfects them. Liberty City, a popular setting in the Grand Theft Auto universe, seems to live on its own. For one, the graphics are just amazing. Whether you are flying in a helicopter way above the streets, or cruising around Broker in a buzzy little Faggio, the scenery always stays a couple notches above top of the line. Looking great is not the only thing that Liberty City brings to the table, it also acts like a city that we would see on TV or just outside our windows. At any given point, the streets are busy with yellow taxis, cars, police, motorcycle gangs, and even convienently placed ramps. As you stroll along the sidewalk or speed down streets at vision blurring speeds, the city never fails to ooze character. Also, there are many types of vehicles that range from large trucks to stylish sports cars. Most vehicles have their own characteristics. If driving around the LARGE city is not your thing, you can always use a yellow taxi cab to get where you want at a small price. There is even an option to skip the driving, at a very small fee. At any time, you can shoot a gun or drop a grenade from a car window as you drive. This ability gives an edge to high speed chases and also some fun in online multiplayer games. Aside from the well crafted setting, GTA 4 gives a great storyline. You play as a European immigrant, Niko Belic, that moves to Liberty City to live with his "rich" cousin, Roman Belic. It is made obvious Niko has a troubled past and tries to set it behind him at certain points. Unfortunately for the cousins Belic, the crime scene of Liberty City reels them back in. The storyline alone takes about 20-30 hours to complete, not counting side missions, dates, or exploration. On these missions the shooting of many different guns feels great and sometimes seems like your watching an action flick. Bottom line is, Grand Theft Auto 4 is almost perfect and a must buy.

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