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Grand Theft Auto 4

posted by gcbleier (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Apr 30, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

90 out of 106 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

Let me begin by saying this game is eerily realistic. As a previous moderator of GrandTheftAuto forums . com, I have played and loved all of the previous GTAs. This is by far the most realistic game I have ever played. The ragdoll effects and graphics are amazing. Cars - the cars are very realistic. The driving, the skidmarks on the ground from your tires, the spinning of the car, you can tell they took weight and handling into effect. Objects - you can tell when you run over a metal barrel compared to an orange plastic one, very cool. The ragdoll effects - when hitting people in your car, it matters when you hit them (example: leg, arm) it sweeps them off of the ground, sends them rolling over your car. When I tried to jack a car and the guy drove off, I was still holding onto the handle and he was dragging me on the ground! AMAZING! This New York city based game is all that gamers have asked for. I don't want to go into too much detail about the game because I don't want to spoil it for possible future players. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game. 9.8, 5 Stars

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God's gift to gamers...

posted by Quilemaul (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 30, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

105 out of 137 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

Stop reading this and go buy the game! The graphics are astounding, the city is absolutely ALIVE with possibilities! My favorite feature of the game has to be the new and improved cell-phone interface. As in San Andreas, you will be contacted for jobs and missions via your cell phone. This time around however, they added the option to call any of your contacts for information, missions, dates, assistance, etc... But the best feature they added is the ability to switch your cell to Sleep mode, effectively disabling any incoming calls/texts and pretty much putting the storyline on pause while you enjoy the Ultimate Sandbox that is GTA:IV. What, you're still reading instead of playing?! The game's Stats screen even tracks your addiction level/longest consecutive playtime! It's that bad! You'll check it and wonder what has become of your life. The answer is simple, of course... Another GTA has graced the face of the earth and taken the world by storm! STILL reading...? One word, my friend... MULTIPLAYER!!!!

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THIS IS LIBERTY CITY! wuts yo dream!?

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Apr 28, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2006

174 out of 251 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

Grand Theft Auto,Grand Theft Auto2,GTA3,GTA:ViceCity,G- TA:SanAndreas,GTA:Liberty- CityStories,GTA:ViceCityS- tories...Grand Theft Auto 4. its an odd timeline, naming the ninth game in a franchise GTA4. but no one seems to notice or care, and do you know why? ITS BECAUSE THESE GAMES ARE SO UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE! Rockstar Games has realy outdone themselves this time folks, and do you know why you can beleive me? because I gave this game a 10. anyone whos read my reviews knows that i dont do that, because i always leave room for improvement. This game is as close to perfect as it can come.

so what is GTA known for?
1.GREAT open world gameplay:CHECK jacking:check
3.sticking it to the man with its strong moral flexibility:BIG CHECK.
4....not so great graphics(which leads me to my point, so be patient)
you know that time when u and ur friends were saying how if GTA had better graphics and no loading screens and maybe some multiplayer, how much more it would ROCK!? well ROCKSTAR games heard ur conversation, and they decided to prove a point with this game. they fixed ALL problems, and added EVERYTHING u might want (short of a winged motorcycle that can do 500mph...but im sure u'll find a cheat 4 that). seriously guys, i dont have enough room in this review to cover CLOSE everything in this game, so here r the highlites.
1.VASTLY improved graphics(nextgen worty fo sho)
2.AMAZING physics. shoot a person in the leg and they trip and slow down, get hit by a car and bounce and fall realisticly, and even a redesigned car physic that sadly forces u to brake every once in a while.
3. and of course its wonderful morals. shoot a guy, shoot a pedestrian, shoot a cop, and take their stuff. run over a guy, run over a pedestreian, run over a cop, take their stuff...i think you get the idea.
listen, EVERYTHING has been improved.BUY THIS GAME. it is a BIG 10/10. enjoy.

this review brought to u by Pucheo Films on Pucheo on Youtube 4 offbeat comedy

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