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Kratos finally get's his revenge!!!

posted by Peter6 (ANAHEIM, CA) Mar 17, 2010

Member since Nov 2005

8 out of 12 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

God of War III is the perfect ending for the trilogy! it has magnificent boss battles, beautiful graphics, wonderful sound and like in all the previous titles we are graced with such an epic sense of scale in the world of ancient Greece that it has to be seen to believed! My only complaint is that when you finish the game you don't carry over any of your upgraded weapons but if you find specific objects the bosses drop when they're defeated you can use those items when you do replay the game, for example Posiedon's Conch grants you unlimited magic and Hercules Shoulder Pad grants you 1/3 less damage so it does offer some replayability. All in all if you enjoyed the past two titles then you'll have a blast helping Kratos get his revenge!

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The bar has been raised yet again

posted by F3NIX420 (BOULDER, CO) Mar 15, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

22 out of 35 gamers (63%) found this review helpful

This is how a great game looks and plays, theres absolutely nothing to complain about, the story may be lacking in some peoples mind, but give em a break theres only so much greek mythology that can be transformed into entertaining gameplay.
The story is good not great but the gameplay and graphics are amazing, level design is so alive and teaming with powerful color and detail. Theres no reason this game should not win game of the year, and if it doesn't it will be because there are so many great games coming out this year.
Other game developers need to take note, this how you make a game, the effort is truly noticeable in every aspect of the game. This is the reason PS3 is better than 360, right here. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't buy this game and you own a PS3.

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posted by EEllis06 (SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, NY) Mar 15, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

23 out of 37 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

When it comes to consistency...God of War has never deviated from the goal of bringing a hardcore game with each release. How can a game get better with each series released? Well, to put it easily, you don't fix anything when there's not a thing broken. you stick with a great story line, beautiful action sequences, combos galore and you'll bring back old fans, all in the same mix of attracting new ones.

The graphics are top notch as expected. Not 1080P as initially thought but that won't alter your game-play whatsoever. When your weapon of choice finishes the different beasts you come along throughout the game, the enhanced graphics on the PS3 allow a much more vivid translation than that of the PS2 and even those two games were ahead of their time when they were released years ago on the PS2 (GOW 1 + GOW 2).

The storyline remains consistent as it has in the past. You are never board with the direction he takes while making his way throughout the game. It keeps you interested, while at the same time anticipated what creature you'll destroy next.

The fight sequences...Sigh! i can't begin to explain how thrilled you'll be after connecting different buttons together and accomplishing a successful combo. My favorite happens to be your successful completion of the buttons triggered on the screen where you either rip the eyes out of a creature and stick it down their throat or whether it be beating something with their very own limbs.

Once this game arrives to your house, do not hesitate to hit the "Keep" tab because it's beyond worth it. I've been waiting for this game and with it finally here, all other games will be collecting dust until I've beaten GOW3.

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