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posted by Joseverdin (RICHMOND, CA) Mar 26, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

Game is huge, no; it's monumental! From start to finish you feel this immense feeling of playing through every epic scene you've ever seen in a movie.... EVER. The controls are tight and OMG the graphics are just jaw dropping. The only draw back is the game is WAY to easy. But that just let's you enjoy the game for it's beauty and immenseness. Difficulty= how much damage you give or take. No new attack patterns or strategies emerge from GOD mode. Destroyed the game but had a blast every second of it. MUST BUY (or rent if you're broke).

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Just short of perfect

posted by TheKara (RIVER OAKS, TX) Mar 26, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

The game is what it has been for 5 years now. You know what you are getting when you play and that is one of its faults. As the supposed last game in the franchise for Kratos, you would of expected them to go all out, but they didn't.

The first fault being. For its its first foray into HD gaming you would think with all the great visuals they put into the game they would finally give you a control of the camera.

The second fault being one that has plagued it since the beginning and that is its horrid double jump control. You either don't get the double jump at all, or you get almost no distance at all when you do manage to actually double jump.

The third and final fault for me is the final fight. You would think with this being the final tale for Kratos they would go all out and have an ultimate all out epic battle to end all battles. As it was though the final fight just fell flat.

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Completely Absurd...But Still a Great Game

posted by TornPr1nc3 (BLAIRSTOWN, NJ) Mar 26, 2010

Member since Oct 2006

Having never played either of the earlier titles, I was unsure of what to really expect other than what I had read or seen in commercials.

Visuals - Stunning. Some of the best scenery and bosses to be found anywhere.

Sound - Mediocre. Kratos is great the whole way through as the actors do a good enough job. The little things such as weapon sounds could be better.

Gameplay - Good, but not perfect. The double-jump can be tricky and touchy at times and the camera angles are not always helpful. Otherwise everything else is pretty spot on in terms of controls.

Replay Value: Unlockables, one or two replays tops. Otherwise, there are so many games out there to be played, who has the time?

The game has some fun surprises and plenty of boss fights. It does an amazing job of making you unsure of whether or not you should be even cheering for what you are doing because your character is so unlikeable. There are times when things happen that I would not wanted to have done, but that is the point of the game. It works on an emotional level.

Oh, and there is an optional scene with a certain Greek Mythical Legend that had me laughing out loud for several minutes and required showing all my friends.

Worth a rental and if you are a GOW fan, you most likely already own it.

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