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posted by 1badmunky (DENVER, CO) Mar 27, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

I've been gaming now since my mom bought me pong in the late seventies. I've never been so enveloped in a game in my life. From the very start to the very end I was locked in like stink on poo. : ) I soooooo recommend this game to any true gamer for the simple reason that it raises the bar of all games.
The controls were easy, the story was epic and above all the graphics were phenomenal. From the characters, their weapons and the voices to the backgrounds which left me breathless and the sound effects which raised the hair on my neck, I loved this game.
Although I rented it on gamefly, I plan on purchasing God of War III as it is a must for every real gamers library. I've just finished playing it and unlocked the Chaos or difficult mode which is my next quest. Now if you'll all excuse me it's time to play it again and try out all the stuff I've unlocked.
Oh yeah one more thing, I highly recommend playing it with a high quality set of head phones (I used mine because it was so good I stayed up all night and didn't want to disturb the neighbors). With the headphones, outside noise is cut out and you can really hear the hard work this games producers put into it.


O.G. (Original Gamer)

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Great game,epic battle.9.5

posted by ezdamenace (OAKLAND, CA) Mar 27, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

all i have to say is the game is great,vivid colors,great scene ,cool graphics,overall great,too bad that it seems that this game was a bit shorter that GOW2,and remember that GOW2 it is shorter compare to GOW ,the end was a bit unexpected ,i wonder if this means that they are coming with a sequel ...,maybe a GOW4?!, i guess time will tell.A-

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All Hail Kratos!

posted by jadakazz (CERES, CA) Mar 27, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

This game is the reason you buy a Playstation 3. The game graphics are fantastic. The scale of the world hasnt been done like this before. They better than Uncharted 2. The combat the same as the other 3 games but this time it's much much more refined and precise. Your gonna love the combat it much more satisfing and faster because this time around you can fight much more enemies at once, and you do fight a lot the further u get into the game there one part in the game when ur taking on enemies for 10 mins straight. But your kicking so much butt that you dont mind. The thing is if you have a PS3 do yourself a favor and play God Of War 3.

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