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GF Rating

Very Good

Kratos aka Kevin Garnet

posted by Speedracer_36 (NEW YORK, NY) Aug 7, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

I enjoyed this game a lot. There were times where I forgot the story of the game. At the end of the day, who cares? This game is strictly for beating people up and throwing things around. Sure there were spots that made this game annoying (like when you're attacked by 1,000 different things that stop you from moving) but that was easily handled. Graphics are on point as GOW games usually are. Controls were a bit annoying at first but that was easily fixed with proper game time.

Overall this game got a 8 because it was an excellent game but the storyline was Meh. Again...who cares for a story when you're cutting through the skull of an Elephant Man?

I love the face they continued to give Kratos the "Kevin Garnett Face" lol Good game. Worth playing

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GF Rating

Very Good

Classic God of War Title

posted by Homerdough (NEW YORK, NY) Jul 6, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Ascension has a different feel to the combat system compared to the previous titles, so it took a few hours to get a handle on it. You stick with the Blades of Chaos the whole game but can use 4 different elements (loved Hades, hated Ice)

Difficulty-wise, Ascension was more on the easy side up until chapter 25 or so, when battles became hectic. The Trial of Archimedes was especially challenging but hugely rewarding. It took about an hour and half to beat it on Hard.

The story was hard to follow and not very interesting. Didn't really add much to the backstory in my mind.

The graphics were solid especially in the cutscenes. The camera likes to be showboaty at times but it's nice scenery to look at.

The bosses were pretty forgettable. The Furies aren't interesting enough and they were boring to fight.

Overall, it was a fun game with a solid combat system and I especially liked the brutal kill animations of some creatures.

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GF Rating


Good game but not as good as the others

posted by chargerbrett (PIQUA, OH) Jun 21, 2014

Member since Apr 2013

Good game. Story line seems to start becoming obsolete and you just run around killing things. The camera angles and zoomed way out make it really hard to even see where you are during battles and puzzles. I feel like they should have just stopped with the previous game. I like it, it's still fun, worth the rent, but not worth the buy.

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