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posted by Natedogg775 (GARDNERVILLE, NV) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

I think this would be a decent game if it didn't have so many glitches. I got to one point of the game and it started spawning Kratos in a dark room where nothing was visible. I liked the combat in this game and it also had some cool puzzles i really hope they fix the glitches soon so I can finish the campaign.

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good game

posted by trock78 (PORT ROYAL, SC) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

A very good. A must buy.

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Very Good

A fine entry to the series.

posted by Ascalon (LEWISVILLE, TX) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Dec 2006

To a veteran of the series like myself, some of the initial changes to the core gameplay may be a bit jarring. The enemies are A LOT tougher; no longer can you toss them around like ragdolls and have your way with them. They come heavily armored and hound you rentlentlessly, forcing you to block and parry most of the time, barely escaping battles by the skin of your teeth. However as you progress through the game you gain potent magic called "Elements". There are four elements in the game: Soul, Fire, Lightning, and Ice. You can switch elements using the D-pad mid-battle, allowing you to come up with creative strategies and deal out devastating combos, making the combat in GOW: A the best in the series.

The camera is also a little different this time around, as it frequently zooms out to reveal massively detailed structures and environments. That would be nice by itself, but you will often have to fight difficult enemies as all that is happening, which at times will cause you to lose sight of your character, leading to a needless and frustrating death. As you progress through the game this becomes slightly less of an issue.

The graphics and environments in this game are stunning, so much so that if you told me this was a 1st gen PS4 title i wouldn't doubt that much if at all. However the game freezes quite a bit(it did at least 3-4 times for me) and it made me wonder at times if this game was TOO much for my ps3 to handle. There are also other troublesome glitches in the game that got in the way of my experience.

However, "God of War: Ascension" is a fine entry to the "God of war" series; it is certainly the most technically impressive of all the games, but unfortunately may be the most flawed as well. I'd normally give this game a 9/10, but because of the issues i experienced i'll drop it down to an 8/10. This is an absolute must play for GoW diehards and if you're a series skeptic, there are enough changes to the formula to possibly win you over.

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