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Steve Papoutsis has ruined God of War for me.

posted by Catmandude (MEDINA, OH) Jun 1, 2013

Member since Nov 2007

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Single Player Campaign Review.
Rating of Chapters 1-27: 8-9
Rating of Chapter 28 (Trial of Archimedes): 1

I absolutely LOVED the God of War series until this one. The single player campaign was all great until the trial of archimedes.
The gameplay just got unrelentingly cheap. Every few seconds an unblockable gorgon tail-wrap catch me and whittle away my life bar. They would literally cross over half the screen to grab me in one fell swoop no matter what i did. I was in the tail-wrap despite blocking, parrying, attacking, or a even pressing the magic attack button before they finished encircling me.

The second cheap detail is the camera angle used for killing the gorgon through the new non-Quicktime Events.
Your view is often blocked by A) the stage ornamentation B) other gorgons moving in front of the camera thereby blocking your view C) the electric siren attacks that turn the screen into a fireworks display.

Third cheap move - no health chests between trials. no checkpoints after each stage of the trials. No option to lower the chapter's difficulty, and no manual save menu. This is completely absurd in a modern triple-A game.

Last cheap move - i finally got past the first two trials but due to my low health and poor timing i died. In any other game i would pick up there - But not Ascension. No i have to go back to square one. The game's director Steve Papoutsis stated that he personally playtested this level. That means he saw each and every cheap and stupid move then thought "Perfect!". What the heck Papoutsis!

I can say without a doubt that Steve Papoutsis Fracked God of War for me. Maybe forever.

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GF Rating


Great game until......

posted by gt0783 (LAKE MARY, FL) Apr 28, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

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The Trial of Archimedes completely ruins this game. It has great graphics, an interesting story, and just fantastic combat. Its such a refined thing and gets the momentum building, and then you get to the Trial and there goes all the fun. There goes the momentum, there goes the good will built up the previous 8 hours. Its really too bad.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Still a God of War game

posted by CamaronTG (BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA) Apr 5, 2013

Member since Dec 2010

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It's not as good as its predecessor, God of War III, but then that was a lot to live up to. They tried to go in new directions with tweaks to the gameplay, especially the combat, and I think they worked well. The story was a bit confusing as it kept jumping around a timeline with flashbacks. I wasn't able to play the multiplayer because, silly me, I thought the online would be free, but apparently with first-party exclusives, Sony still demands a payment to Playstation Online. I couldn't justify paying for it just for a few hours worth of online play in this one game.

It's still brutal, and still a fun playthrough. A word of advice if you're having trouble getting past the Trial of Archimedes: make sure you have ALL your upgrades to every weapon and especially the time-shifting necklace thing. I had to backtrack a few chapters just to get everything but it was worth it and oh so satisfying when I finally beat it. The rest of the game after the Trial is a cake walk in comparison.

Gameplay: 8/10
Combat: 9/10
Story: 6/10
Online: ?/10

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