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i didnt expect much but it still let me down

posted by quiloabraham (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 20, 2013

Member since May 2012

i was expecting this game to be like the gears 3 but they took out horde, beast, and some other game modes. they'res only like 4 maps in multiplayer and the gameplay seems a little slow and not epic. dont waste your time with it. its just a let down just stick gears 3 its alot better

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GF Rating


Very good direction for series.

posted by rodtwism (COLORADO CITY, TX) Mar 20, 2013

Member since May 2012

I have played every GOW in the series and have loved all of them. I was skeptical of getting this due to it being partially developed by "People can Fly". However after playing the game many changes have been made which some might not like. However I found the change refreshing and a lot faster paced. It is a good evolution of the gameplay. The two changes made that I am having to get used to are the LB to use your insight is now down on d-pad. And your frag grenades are now LB. To switch weapons you now push Y. Which is hard to adjust to, but it allows you to change weapons faster in times of need. You now carry two weapons of your choice in each hand. Think of halo on this. No longer do you have to press d-pad to open window to choose weapon which is really time consuming when you are in a bind. Also you can now carry all weapons whilst carrying a shield which is good. The new weapons are awesome, and the whole game as a whole is a little faster. Transitioning from cover to cover is faster, and the AI is smarter, teammates and enemies. Maps on multiplayer are more vertical meaning enemies can come from all around you including above or below. Adding the different classes to choose from when respawning gives you 4 different ways to play and rewards you for all. You can still do 2 player split screen for campaign and versus types. The declassified choice for each level adds different elements for more rewards if accomplished. Overall if you like the GOW franchise have an open mind you will really like it. It is still very difficult and makes your palm sweat and heart race, especially on declassified missions. If you are new to GOW, give it a try it, but don't compare it to anything else cause it is its own creature.

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GF Rating


GOW Judgemnt

posted by Zcool (HOUSTON, TX) Mar 18, 2013

Member since Dec 2011

The game is amazing 10/10.

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