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Dedicated Fans Don't Buy!!

posted by LoneSage (Saint Petersburg, FL) Mar 19, 2013

Member since Apr 2008

37 out of 50 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

Before I write my review let me say I am a big fan of the series and have been since the first one. I also own 3 of the books. That being said, this game is a rip off and seems like it just exists to take advantage of the fans and their money while Epic experiments with a series that after this one, will be run into the ground.

Campaign: I have only played about a hour and a half of the campaign but so far it has not grabbed my attention like the others. This one is more arcade-y and goes off of a point system so you can can unlock another campaign that takes place during Gears 3 but from what I heard, it seems like that "campaign" feels more like a lost DLC that was meant to be in Gears 3.

Survival/ Overrun: These two modes are pretty much the same but in survival you only play as COG and have to survive 10 waves. Pretty much there is a E Hole that the COG have to protect and the locust try to destroy. If the E Hole is destroyed, you have to protect another one further into the map until you run out and either the COG successfully hold off the locust until time runs out or the locust take over. The COG are divided into 4 groups, engineer, soldier, healer and scout. All have their own rechargeable ability that can be activated with the left bumper.

In Overrun mode you also play as locust and switch sides with COG when the round is up. The locust also have a special ability that can be activated with LB. Overall, these two modes are the funniest but without a good team, you may not have too much fun.

Multiplayer: This is where I have to scratch my head the most with this game. They decided to take out downs, meatshields,executions, active reloads and wall tagging frags. Apparently, for a faster mp experience. They also took out the ability to have two big weapons with a pistol. Now you can only have one big weapon and a pistol plus grenades to start the match. Basically they made MP more arcade-y and less team strategy. A disappointment for Gears fans.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not Worth 60 dollars.

posted by peterl (VERNON ROCKVILLE, CT) Mar 21, 2013

Member since Aug 2009

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

Im about 2 hours into the campaign, and its pretty bland. I don't have much to say about it.

But Multiplayer is really where im upset. THERE ARE ONLY 4 MAPS TO PLAY IN TDM,FFA and DOMINATION. FOUR MAPS!? That is ridiculous to me...its like a dlc pack. There are 4 different maps just for overrun mode. But if you're like me and don't enjoy the horde/survival type game mode, then the multiplayer will get old pretty quick(ONLY 4 MAPS!!?) If you are looking for a classic hardcore Gears game, you wont find it here. Its a lot more arcadey, with only one primary w/ pistol.(No more Retro Lancer with a Gnasher and pistol!). Also the reticle is always shown, so you can hip fire really easily. The game changed, so more people can play it with ease. Its upsetting if you really loved Gears from the start.

But that being said, I am still getting some enjoyment out of it. But I wouldn't put 60 bucks down on it. Wait until it gets down to atleast 40 before you buy it.

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Heart Broken... What happened?

posted by Sickwithit (ALVA, FL) Mar 22, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The Fact that they change 70% of the online play to make it more fast paced hurts me being a huge GOW Fan.I played gears for every aspect but what keeps me going is the online. Taking out dual starting weapons, letting everyone spawn with grenades is iffy, spawning with a sniper rifle? really?... How About Only giving us 4 game modes to play online. taking out the core of the game (war zone and execution) That is what started this game. Kinda seems like epic sold out and just over watched as another company made the game... They did a few things right by auto picking up ammo and the grenade sticking is pretty cool even though i think you shouldn't spawn with them. Play online and you will hear everyone saying how bad the game is and you get the others saying give it a chance i did trust me its not Gears..
The Campaign was OK kinda dry on the lore of the gears as they just had me killing locust wave after wave, like they reworked survival mode with (its just like overrun) throughout the whole game.. Speaking of which WHY TAKE OUT HORDE....

Overrun is definitively good addition to the franchise, also is the declassified missions i enjoyed doing those when beating the campaign.

It just seemed like they put all this attention to selling the game (hype) advertising everywhere and didn't put even half into the actual game. Theres so little content online what happened to my 50 different playable characters and the weapon skins that were given FREE monthly.

Yeah about all the marketplace dlc i know this is a business but don't starve us just to make even more money.. if they do make another GOW (i am sure this one isn't going to make enough revenue) They better rework everything back to normal. Sadly i am afraid its already too late.. Should of just made this a DLC add-on for gears 3 and called it a day i would still have respect for this franchise.

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