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Making the Most of Mario and Monopoly

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 20, 2012

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Woo-hoo. It’s Mario and his friends taking a journey from their lands to the Monopoly boards in Fortune Street.
But instead of building houses and hotels, these games have players putting money into the properties they own or stocks (each set of properties is a stock option).
When players build up a property, the stock that the property is part of goes up as well (and it also increases rent for the property.) The value of each property also goes up if the player gets two or more of the set.
Along the way, players gather up suits (spade, heart, diamond, club). If the player gets all four suits and gets back to the start, they get a large cash bonus (depending on how many properties they own)
The way to win? Gather up a set number of net value (it’s different for each board) or be the player with the most net value when another player declares bankruptcy.
This is a great game for multiplayer play (Monopoly is a classic game after all), and the inclusion of simple mini games just adds to the fun.
But just like Monopoly, this game isn’t as much fun to play single player mode. Having to sit through the other players moves can get annoying. And the prize for winning the game isn’t great. You get to change your player’s outfit or how he rolls the die or moves along the board.
Fortune Street is one game that will thrill Monopoly fans, but it won’t win over anyone with the bland single player mode. It’s one game that is a definite rent- and a possible buy.

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Very Good

Good game with a few problems

posted by YoshiFanUltra (MARYSVILLE, WA) Jan 18, 2012

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This game has a lot of good and bad parts. Some of the music is good while a bit of it is not. The computer players (including my favorite characters) are set to an automatic difficulty (which, sadly, can't be adjusted) and even the easiest CPU's can make you mad. The stages are well-designed and to be honest, can be very complex and difficult to navigate through. Playing the game is fun, but you would need a lot of practice. Even if you're a pro at this, any CPU can still beat you in this. Often, it can get irritating, but it's still fun for anyone (especially for those who are Mario fans, Dragon Quest fans, or are just interested in the stock market).

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GF Rating

Above Average

Better Direction Than Where Monopoly Went

posted by CasualGamerWii (LARGO, FL) Jan 15, 2012

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Still needs improving; but worth a rental if you have about 8-10 hours to kill collecting $10K to get to the bank. The presentation is very awesome and the music is sweet. The downsides are the AI is brutal and the boards designs make it where it takes forever to collect and raise your net worth. Some boards has a section that moves; which makes it even longer. This should have been worked on a little longer and would have made a sweet WiiU launch title (I am not getting the system or any other).

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