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Why the heck did I expect any different

posted by theGMP (HONOLULU, HI) Feb 24, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

Back in my school days, to me and my friends, Square could do no wrong. The FFs on the playstation were absolutely outstanding. The games were fun, graphics were beautiful, and CG cutscenes always an event. When each new game in the series came out it was Christmas. That feeling is no longer there, and it now seems all but sure that it will never come back. I couldn't even finish FF12 it was so boring and uninvolving. 13 was the first game I truly regretted buying. Then they decided to make a sequel in that forgettable world, and my stupid loyalty to the franchise made me rent it. Blah.

If you broke down the game into specific parts, it would be rated high in most categories. The problem is that sum in the game itself makes it equal so, so, SO much less. Why? The story, characters, and gameplay that should bind it all together strongly is weak at best.

I criticize the battle system even though I love it. It's amazing to have a battle be over in a matter of seconds. But how about a longer battle? It now becomes a chore. In the old battle systems, you can plan out your moves with each guy and strategize. But because this system is in real time, it's something closer to button mashing and waiting. And you're at the mercy of the game's AI to play the other 2 characters of your team. Everyone attack one guy? Maybe sometimes. Cast some status spells? Never the ones you wanted. It makes the whole system frustrating and shallow.
Now the story. This is a FF & RPG, so story is relevant and important. For the first couple of hours I had my hopes up. It seemed fun and interesting. Hopping around time looked fun. But then came so much talking and stupid melodramatic scenes. There's no emotion or depth to anyone. For example, when the main char meets her fiancee who's been gone for a bit, you'd think he was gone 5 minutes. And the main chars don't seem to care much for what they do messing with time. I backed the villain more often because he made more sense. INEEDMORESPA

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GF Rating

Very Good

Final Fantasy XII-2 Overall another great FF game

posted by a22shady (RIVERSIDE, NJ) Feb 13, 2012

Member since Aug 2009

As the title say's overall it was a good FF game. i enjoyed playing through it. I like the Idea of adding monster's to your team however I peronally the 3 player role but adding the monster as the 3rd was ok. No more summoning for me took a little away from the game but i understand they kept it to the story so it's ok.

One of my biggest downside to this is 1) is the ending I think was a Rip.... I also didn't care for the Shortness of the game. It started out like typical FF game but then chapters seem to be short not much into them. Overall the game felt very short and was unlike other FF games. The other thing I didnt like is that they added these differnt puzzles into the game which personally I thought were stupid. i would have much rather'd fight someone to earn whatever prize than sit there and do stupid puzzles. I bought the game for fighting no puzzles.

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GF Rating



posted by havochaos (BOONE, NC) Feb 11, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

The combat in this game is the same, but that's a good thing, your third teammate is always a monster, which is cool. Battles have different music, including the battle music from Final Fantasy Xlll. Even after I got all achievements in this game I still played it because catching monsters and collecting items is very fun to do. Can't wait for more DLC.

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