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Very Good

Another Love/Hate FF13 clone

posted by djthaiboxe (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Feb 19, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

Well, this sequel is better than FF13 to me. The gameplay feels a lot less restrictive, along with the CP system. The monster upgrades and infusion add a nice element to the already stale game.

I found myself losing interest in the story close to the end. Caius seems like an RPG version of Jean Claude Van Damme in Time Cop! lol

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GF Rating


Terrible Ending

posted by MichaelBryant24 (SEATTLE, WA) Feb 18, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

Gonna keep this review short and just give my opinion on a few things.

the combat is about the same as 13 with the addition of monsters which have fun special attacks kind of like a limit break.

theres more freedom and your basically always welcome to explore any levels whenever you want once unlocked and when you choose to return to a level it puts you in the exact spot you were standing when you left.

the story is ok, its quite short for a FF game, i finished it in a bout 20 hours, but heres the problem, the ending is terrible, and there are multiple "paradox endings" all of which are bad. this game just has no real conclusion really and almost makes me wish i didnt play it in the first place

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GF Rating

Very Good

Final Fantasy XIII 2

posted by splicer (PORTLAND, OR) Feb 17, 2012

Member since Jun 2010

I`ll be honest up front, I don`t play these for the story as they adhere to the teenage girl crowd most of the time. (understatement) But one thing Iv`e always liked that SQUARE does with this series is everything from the battle mechanic to the accessorizing of equipment, weapons, magic, and character placement. With this new installment, much like the last, I loved seeing which Paragims matched best with which monsters and infusions of monsters with the same paragims to level them up quicker to bypass the crystalarium was a nice touch. Even the story was good because of the time travel element; usually this is a recipe for disaster (movies and games alike) but it really worked here and gave all the characters from the previous title great premise from what they did last time out. The paradox puzzles were especially a welcome sight too and gave you a break from the main quest mode, side quests included. I enjoyed this title immensly and must say that this series starting with 7th definetly knows how to squeeze every color they can into their game which is an art form unto it`s own, 8 out of 10 for this kid, very good game

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