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GF Rating


very beautiful game

posted by Furrypatch (FOND DU LAC, WI) Dec 23, 2012

Member since Mar 2007

grafic and sound are great but thats where the magic ends.
problem #1 in order to play in peace and not have to go back to the fast travel to unload junk or refill ammo you must hunt for different skins sure it makes the game longer but it kills the fun. especially in the begining!

problem #2 the gun accuracy is horrible unless you got a sniper rifle or you are close enought to hug the bad guy you wont get a head shot

problem #3 preditory animals which are tanks shoot them in the head with a sniper rifle see the blood spray and you just made it mad. Having to shoot 1 animal with every thing you got is silly. I could see a clip if you hit it with a clip and its still not dead come on. and my personal favorite tigers pop up at the perfect time all the time. I cleaned out the logging camp i was getting loot and surprise another tiger at a camp WTH so i die and lose all progress. Im so happy this tiger showed up at 5 other camps.

Pros good grafics and sound and the story is very good

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GF Rating


Best Game I Have Ever Played

posted by rham2109 (BAY CITY, TX) Dec 21, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

This game is a must have! The story line is great and realistic. There are many objectives that are very fun to complete along side the main overall objective. Some days I just explore the island and complete objectives to unlock different perks and weapons. I love to see how much to the main character changes as a person throughout the game. I rented this game a couple of days after it came out. After one night of playing, I was hooked! I went to the store the store the very next day and payed full price for it, which is very uncharacteristic of me.

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GF Rating


Excellent open world shooter

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Dec 20, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

"Far Cry 3" begins nicely enough, with a group of friends enjoying a vacation in a tropical paradise. One skydiving trip later, and they find themselves on a descent into madness, embodied primarily by main character Jason Brody. Jason takes an arc from spoiled rich kid to warrior as he struggles to free his friends and brothers from the clutches of pirates led by a man named Vaas, one of the more memorable villains in games this year. The gameplay is varied, ranging from full blown combat to more stealthier sections. As Jason explores the island and completes tasks, he can level up along 3 different skill trees, making him more capable to survive on Rook Island against not only pirates but the local wildlife as well. Hunting is important, as you need to collect both animal hides and plants to craft items to aid you in your quest. Along the way you meet assorted characters who will help or hurt you, some nearly as insane as Vaas. There are plenty of side missions to do in addition to the main story, which can take you around 20 hours to complete. Doing everything can add an additional 20 hours or so to the game, and there are two endings, adding a bit of replay value. Controls are smooth, the graphics bright and well detailed, and the voice acting is among the best in gaming for 2012. As terrific as the game is, it's not without a few flaws. Load times are long, especially if you die. Some enemies and animals are bullet sponges (especially the predators like tigers and bears), and healing animations can drag on too long, leading to a few cheap deaths (though, on the plus side, this is a bit more realistic and does add a bit of tension to combat). The flaws don't detract from the overall experience, however, and the game is often fun to play. Between the varied wildlife, missions, and vehicles to operate, this is one of the best open world shooters to come out this year. Well worth playing.

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