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Very Good

Great Game, but Often Annoying

posted by jhodgson (ATLANTA, GA) Feb 11, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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Make no mistake, this is a great game. It's got an interesting voice, great views, and some ideas I've never seen before. For instance, I swam across a river to fight some dudes and a gator bit me and I died laughing.

The bow and arrow are also awesome. Lots of fun.

I might have enjoyed it more fully on PC, though, because in the later stages of the game I simply wasn't able to turn my character fast enough to meet oncoming threats. I ended up quitting for good.

I also thoroughly hated the unskippable cutscenes. Some of these include some girlfriend moments.

Hey, guys, if I wanted to get hassled by my girlfriend, I wouldn't be playing games right now. Maybe that's fun for young players who look forward to having a serious GF someday, but for those of us who have experienced the realities of working on a long-term relationship it's just annoying.

Not that long term relationships are bad, they're just work. I also don't want to file my taxes or take out a bank loan in-game, especially not when I can't skip the cutscene.

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Far Crying Out Loud This Game is Good

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Dec 5, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Where do I start?

There's so much to this game, it's quite incredible.

Graphics are great, of course, but the consoles definitely can't hold a candle to the PC version I'm sure. But the level of details is just astounding. So many plants, textures, animals, structures, etc. Incredible amount of variety, and every detail from Sand, Water, Vegetation, Buildings, are all top notch designs. On top od that, the weapons are all great too!

The story is strong and keeps you engaged. And there's a ton of side quest and exploration to be done on the side.

Crafting items is awesome, although I think other games have a better system, especially in terms of plants.
The skill tree is fantastic.

CO-OP! Man, this is great, I don't know why it got blasted in some of the critic reviews. It's awesome, it supports offline and online.

I'm not a fan of hunting, but there are gamers that are, so I guess they'll enjoy that.

If you played Far Cry 2, hopefully you liked it, because this really is just the next progression. It's a huge world, it looks great, and it's fun fun fun fun.

The damage system is a bit wonky. Humans aren't bad, headshots do what they're supposed to. Animals are different story... it's kinda ridiculous actually...

Do yourself a favor and check out a great, non-military FPS/Sandbox game.

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posted by coreyjcannon27 (KINSMAN, OH) Dec 17, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

okay so i never write reviews...however after reading these unbelievable reviews giving this a 5 or 7?... claiming there are bugs or it sucks or whatever other b.s. reasons they give i have to tell u these people are either drunk, stupid, or just plain full of it. ive had this game since it came out and i cant put it down... im not gonna go into a two page report explaining why this game is a masterpiece, but i will tell you that if you have any incling of an interest in this game then buy it! you will not be disappointed... definately lives up to the hype!

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