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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Dec 5, 2012

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Just click "Keep" . This title really delivered a spectacular World of Insanity. As many other titles had a high-hype value and made people angry after seeing it. Farcry 3 delivered what was expected and more.
The title plays as a adventure, Free Roam, in first person. One of the most repayable titles out there.

You play as Jason Brody...
Jason was the average college kid, fresh out of school, and seeing the world with his friends. His world crashed into another reality of human trafficking and black market smuggling. Too save himself and his friends, Jason will have to test his own abilities or die trying.

I am not sure how I should even begin to explain how well made this game is... Very nice eye-candy. A game world full of depth and life,seeming very vast and endless.
You will first notice the new climbing mechanics and cover-system ... You can now climb on numerous types of surfaces and cover-firing has been integrated... It adds a great depth of realism into the farcry title. They have radio stations in the vehicles now.

Requires Online pass.

Farcry 2 was a huge success from its Map editor... The map editor allows you to build your own level... Terrain sculpting -- Create mountains, vallies hillsides.
Building layout -- Place a variety of buildings in your own way.
Foliage placement - Grass, rocks, trees layout.
Share and play your map in the online community.

The Map editor has a larger scale than Farcry 2's maps... You can now create cliffs with Waterfalls... The new water layering allows that. They also added lighting abilities.

Ubisoft did a brilliant job... The Single player shines great in this title and it too has a high replay value.

This title is a definite keep... It is perfect in many ways and really is hard to place any dislike in the title. It is sorta easy though as I'm playing on Hardest difficulty, but then that is just the well made AI dynamics. You can play with stealth in this title.

Buy this game.

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posted by duk774 (EAGLE POINT, OR) Oct 16, 2013

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The game would be more fun if the language wasn't so foul. Can't play it with my wife in the living room with me to keep from offending her. Do designers actually have that limited a volcabulary?

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If your looking for a way to be bored

posted by goget17 (AMES, IA) Oct 5, 2013

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My expectations were far too high for this game. I love open world games when they are done right. This game however screams lazy storytelling, gameplay, and graphics at every corner.

The opening mission had me excited. It was captivating and immersed me in the story and gameplay. It was unfortunately downhill after that. The characters are boring and I never really cared about them no matter how much I played.

The environment is merely copy and pasted code over and over again. The missions are repetitive at best, and being that they aren't well designed to begin with it makes the game extremely boring. My biggest complaint about the gameplay however is the completely unrealistic shooting mechanics. Animals take about all of your ammo to kill. I'm not saying that they should go down in one shot, but unless all of the jungle beasts in this game are somehow super-powered than I don't think that they should take 42 shots with a shotgun to go down.

I'm probably being too harsh, you may enjoy it. If your like me however, you'll be severely disappointed. Ubisoft has some really great open-world games, this is not one of them.

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