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Oh My Globb!!!

posted by Longa82 (WESTVILLE, NJ) Dec 21, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I must say at first I was a bit skeptical of playing it because I had never played any of the previous installments,but a friend told me to rent it and so I did.This game is by far one of the best games I have ever played!And I have a short list of great games I've played. This was definitely worth my time.There is so much to do ;exploring,hunting,killing,sneaking,driving and so much more!To have that all in one packs a considerable amount of replay value. Campaign is great as well and all in all a solid 9/10.I would rate a 10 but I have not tried any of the multiplayer game modes.

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An amazing FPS campaign

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Dec 20, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

Farcry 3 was one of thes best single player FPS campaigns I've played on the 360. And I hated Farcry 2 for in all its buggy glory. F3 puts you in the shoes of a guy who fell on the wrong island during a skydiving trip with his adrenaline junkie friends.

You land on this island and are immediately held captive by the crazy mohawk dude named Vaas on the game's cover art. He's basically like a pirate terrorist, and your story gets entangled in his hallucination of a perfect world.

The open world tropical paradise looks fantastic, and it reminds me of a perfect blend of Assassins Creed and Red Dead Redemption. You can explore at will and unlock new areas to the world map by climbing radio towers (like AC's eagle structures). You also capture enemy command posts to gain control of the land and regain check points and fast travel spots.

I loved exploring to collect tons of plants to create potions, hunt for rare game to collect fur to create new pouches, etc. and just roam around as I pleased. To capture command posts, you can use stealth, guns blazing, or maybe release a caged tiger upon your foes to create chaos.

But they really got rid of the horrible enemy respawn and other bugs, so I didn't encounter any at all actually. I loved exploring the giant tropical island, collecting loot & treasures, navigating caves, and of course killing tons of crazy island pirates.

I did not have the online pass the Ubisoft usually requires, but I hear the co-op campaign short stories are fun but not open world like the campaign. And online multiplayer I heard is a bit buggy with poor hit detection and not the polish of a COD or Halo. I'd be happy with just the story, but it's a perfect rental from GF, probably not worth buying though. Farcry has redeemed itself in my mind.

Milt Drucker

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FarCry 3 single player review

posted by TheBeast82 (HOOVER, AL) Dec 14, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Let me start off by saying this is just a review of the single player campaign. The game starts off and i am immediately in love with the game. The basic summary of the game is you your brothers and your friends are taking a trip on an island and are there to have a good time but they get taken by a group lead by the coverboy "Vaas". His plan is to sell them into slavery. You escape from the camp.and spend the whole game trying to find your friends and to take down vaas. Other than being in love with how great the story is it is a very clean cut shooter. I enjoyed the guns and how you could add attachments to them and paint schemes. I did encounter some minor flaws i had with the story:To gain an extra gun slot(be able to carry to guns at once) you have to kill and skin a goat which can be frusturating if you can't find any or just want to play the story without venturing off to find wild animals. Having one gun slot can make some of the missions very frusturating as you run out of ammo and are forced to use melee. So i suggest you find and kill a goat asap and craft the extra slot. There is also a lack of ammo where if you only have one gun in your possession you have to use melee quite frequently. You can pick up enemies guns though to help you along the way. Also there are many other accessories you can aquire with skinning animals but it does take time to find the animals and try to find the right ones. The story is fantastic one of the best i've ever played at one point i was so angry at it. I thought i was going to hate the rest of the game but stuck it out and i was amazed at how good it was. To me it is one of the best written stories i've ever experienced. I am definately going to buy it and it will always stay in my collection. Im excited to see where this franchise goes. My rating is a 10/10. A couple of single player issues that i think are just stricly if you want to play the story and nothing else, nothing major to not reward this game a perfect 10.

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