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GF Rating


best open-world game since Red Dead Redemption

posted by malachivenom (ANAHEIM, CA) Jan 13, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I don't finish a lot of video games. The game has to be really good. Far Cry 3's opening scene grabbed me, so quick, and with such brilliant voice acting; becoming immersed in the deep jungle environment was far too easy. After an hour or two, when most games seem to fizzle out, it really "sneaks up" on you that the gameplay/guns in this game are on par with pinnacle FPS shooters like BF3 and COD. From there, a fairly good/solid storyline ensues and you find yourself 8+ hours into the game. Here almost any game gets repetitive, and this game does too. That said, the missions do start to refresh towards the end as it tests different aspects of the abilities you've chosen to hone. For example, I love sniping, and was able to get through most of the game with out being detected in most missions. But the story line will twist and make you do things like suddenly fire RPGs at trucks crossing a bridge while you are surrounded and undercover. The ending was also very powerful. The music throughout was so well done it gave me chills at times. Big ups to the audio engineer/musician. Very well done. Long story short, if you love video games, and even more so, if you love open-world games, this is a slam-dunk.

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GF Rating


Game of the Year 2012 IMO

posted by LobsterBreeder (LA MESA, CA) Jan 13, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

Such a good game, What a ride it was.... Everyone should play this game.

The villains are insane, In a good way.

I was left speechless some scenes. This is what video games should be... Works of art like this game

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fantastic First Person Shooter

posted by Reathen (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jan 12, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game receives a solid 8 of 10 rating.

TL;DR version:

Plot - Meh
Gameplay - Awesome

Full Version:

The Plot: While basic story is interesting, there are parts of the plot that feel hastily put together. Almost like the designers forgot about the story for most of the game and then remembered it at the last second.

There are also a few places where there is no explanation of how you got from point A to point B, you just appear at point B. All in all, the basic concept was fun but the focus of the game was clearly the first person shooter aspect.

The Gameplay: This part of the game was incredibly well developed. At the onset of the game, I was worried that it would get terribly repetitive and boring. Because there are a number of ways to accomplish optional objects however, it never got to that point.

The skill system allows for additional abilities as you progress through the game. The number of experience points required to get a new skill stays static, so while not a true leveling system it still allows you to somewhat customize your character (though by the end of the game it is possible to have every skill).

Like all first person shooters, there are points that can get frustrating (even playing on the easiest difficulty). And the ability to unlock weapons for free by accomplishing optional objectives instead of buying them was fun.

All in all, fun game that is definitely worth a play through.

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