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GF Rating

Very Good

Very fun but just rent it

posted by zprior90 (LAYTON, UT) Jan 19, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game is definitely bada-- right from the beginning but after about a week of playing I felt it was getting a bit repetitive. I didn't play multiplayer so can't say as far as that. Its very large open environment with a lot to do. It feels like a mix between Skyrim and Dead Island. They did a great job with the game but unless your going to play for the multiplayer, just rent it.

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GF Rating



posted by Lumburg (DACULA, GA) Jan 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Rent it you will enjoy it. I feel its a GTA and Sims ,with a military theme. I played a full 24 hrs non stop. Fun.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Skin Deep

posted by jinjinpint (TACOMA, WA) Jan 17, 2013

Member since Oct 2010

Beauty is only skin deep, so while FC3 has some very beautiful graphics, it is infuriating to play. The save (NOT!) feature will rob you of stuff you did or got until you finally knuckle under and follow the bizarre saving rules. Do not attempt much autonomy either as this game likes to keep you busy and focused pretty much exclusively on their agenda, so that you are just mashing buttons on cue for the game makers' designs not your own determination of when you'll do what. Like Two Worlds 2 it has fake rock barriers you can't even try to climb over. Though it does have an excellent sniper rifle, you can shoot animals dead-on 5xs and they'll just run off wounded Also it is hard to relate to the story and characters unless you are an over privileged rich kid off on expensive adventure vacations and out messing with the stereotyped, indigenous folk who are mostly selling drugs or partying in the town square, or jammin' in shanty town to the jungle beat. Our hero is the usual stereotype, also, only younger and more inept. The game looks big until you explore and find out it isn't, but it is chock full of lovely animals you must kill and butcher to make your accessories/tote sacks, even though there is plenty of canvas lying around you could use. Basically, it is boring with more kill, kill, kill and little humor or music, interesting characters or FREEDOM to decide your own timeline. It has character issues and the driving is flinky, too. Frankly, except for the clean graphics, it felt like an old game. The old Just Cause 2 graphics and gameplay kicks FC2's butt. Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, we are waiting.....

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