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Far Cry 2: Thumbs Up +

posted by isturbo (DES MOINES, WA) Dec 9, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

This game is amazing. In terms of the Far Cry series, the Shooter genre and a video game in general, Far Cry 2 not only stands out in my eyes, but also above most. It plays and feels like a great shooting game but also feels like an open-ended action games as well.--Think Grand Theft Auto, but in first person--and in Africa. The graphics are beautiful. The sounds and music are enthralling. And the storyline and characters are captivating. Toward the finale of the 60+ hour single-player adventure, I was on the edge of my seat like any Call of Duty game. I am amazing with how much fun a game like this could be, while at the same time hold my attention and love. My only gripe is that by the end of my 60+ hour rampage, the missions got a little tedious. But it only took me as long because I wanted it to be. It's an open-ended game with many choices and missions. But if you prefer to travel along the primary story only, it shouldn't take you over 20. Now the online multi-player rocks. As good and fun as any Halo or Call of Duty game, with many play modes like capture the flag, zones and strait-up death match. There is also a cool map editor mode with the option to upload and download player-made maps. I rated this game a 10/10, so that'd be an understated "Thumbs Up Plus" in my book.

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GF Rating


A bit underrated

posted by Injured (Saint Petersburg, FL) Oct 28, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

20 out of 25 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

far cry 2 has been getting good reviews for the most part, but i think it should at least be a nine, simply because it tried something that has never been done before. Sure the driving sucks and the enemies have plus five thousand armor, but the game is so interesting i can let a couple small issues slide.

First of all there has never been an open world FPS before ever, which is a bit hard to understand because it's such a good concept. I think the developers might have focused on the word open a little too much. The map is massive and a five hour drive can cut into the action from time to time, but i think the breaks away from gun fight is refreshing.

Second, you can buy guns. This might not sound like much, but it's really fun to pick out your weapons for each mission. Every time you buy a gun you have an infinite supply of them at gun shops, so they dont just disappear after use. Guns are expensive, so you'll probably buy a new one after three or so missions. This adds a lot because your fighting style greatly relies on your weapons, so you can pretty much pick your rout.

Lastly, the game is fun. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to set your in-game alarm clock for 2 in the morning, pick up a RPG, drive over to the check point, wait for the passing convoy, shoot, and enjoy the fireworks.

The game is addictive, immersive and fun. Rent it and keep it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Rental - Not sure about the Buy

posted by Kamakazee (BELLEVUE, WA) Oct 26, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

70 out of 92 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Far cry 2 is a really nice game, especially at first. Great visuals, awesome environments but a few shortcomings make it worth the buy. The map editor is fantastic and multiplayer is fun. But here are some issues I have with the game:

1) enemies take about 30 bullets to kill - This is absolutely absurd and it removes the realism that Far cry is trying to achieve

2) Landscape is huge but getting from places gets to become a pain in the butt. When dropped in an open world, sure its fun to explore. But if you're like me and love the action, it can get quite tedious trying to find Vehicles near by. Also, getting from place to place gets so tiresome. I find myself spending more time trying to figure out where to go, than actually going there

3) Whats up with these lame guard posts everywhere? So great i find a car and i'm zooming to my next checkpoint and only to be shot at buy a bunch of bandits. So the drill is get out of the car, throw a grenade into the camp and blow those guys up. But it gets really annoying sometimes, especially when you've just saved your game and you're on your way to the mission objective, only to get owned on the way. Some bigger guard posts are marked on the map so at least that helps, but the small ones are annoying

4) Missions get VERY repetitive. I've played it for 3 days and its kinda getting the same, find this guy kill him, Destroy this convoy, Find this place..blow it up. Thats pretty much all you do (i'm at 40% completion so far..maybe that changes..but already i'm having doubts).

5) Stealth sucks. So its awesome that you can choose missions in night and day but when going stealthy, when you knife a guy, the whole of Africa runs out after you. This can get frustrating. So its probably much easier to just go in guns blazing

6) Absolutely pointless Malaria!

So The reason i gave it a 8 was the Great map editor and pretty solid multiplayer. Overall its a fun game but can get quite repetitive. its worth a RENT atleast before you buy.

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