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Not too shabby...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Jun 24, 2011

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So-to-say the game isn't bad... Many that enjoy the title have heard the game has headed into a new direction, which it has, and it is still a great game. Even with the new co-op modes fear still has its classic story-line and gameplay.
The game now features a co-op mode and without deathmatch... Anyone familiar with Call of Duty: Black Ops--The Zombie mode--is just like that but with a more creative twist to it. Instead of hordes of one type of enemy... There is numerous of types... Mainly any enemy that is featured in the storyline... As you progress your way through the waves of enemies.

The story takes a different direction, as well. Instead, of the usual investigating good guy... You play as a rouge experiment.
You play as Point man and as soon as you finish the levels you can play as Fettel.

Genetics are the color-less aspect of how humans exist--the most basic of forms in being of existents...
Alma had two children, two twins boys... Both identical, both being the offspring of Alma--they were tested on with genetics... One was altered especially for the use of psychic-manifests, but that lead his conscience in a state that placed him closer to his mother--Alma. The other son wasn't as tortured but altered and trained to be a ultimate soldier. The two were kept together in their youth but then they were wiped clean of memories of each other.
The trained son was ordered to kill his brother--without question he put a bullet in the other's head.
Death did not break the bond between the brothers... Now the last brother is haunted by the entity of his brother -- The psychic child now is in a state of being and with the ability to possess anyone.

The game is great... Watching the videos will not really draw the aspect of what Fear series has to it. Warner Bros have been keeping this title alive and they are doing a wonderful job.

My only complaint is that there isn't any deathmatch...

Either way -- Awesome story, Awesome gameplay.

This game is worth a try!

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GF Rating


not fun

posted by hugefatdave (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Jul 5, 2011

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maybe i misunderstood but during the course of the game i did not fear anything except playing longer

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posted by Isalon (SOUTH PORTLAND, ME) Nov 18, 2011

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I expected more from this game based on the first two being above-average, but not outstanding. I expected more terror. I expected less FPS action and more creepy moments. I was let down. I was further let down when, about 2/3 through the game, I was pitted against an armored unit with only an assault rifle and a pistol at my disposal. I wasn't even allowed the mercy of a rocket launcher. After wasting 15 minutes of my time trying to take it down, I was disgusted. Don't punish players with unrealistic expectations. This game was a beautiful letdown.

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