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Great game!

posted by jaydee_strange (MIAMI, FL) Oct 31, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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i really enjoyed this game. i must say though, its not nearly as scary as the second one. it starts off pretty much being every other level is a scary-creepy level, and every other level being an action shoot em up level. but towards the end it becomes a straight up action shooter, which didnt bother me too much.
MY ONLY COMPLAINT IS THIS: theres no one at ALL playing this game online. Everyone that probably was playing it is now playing Battlefield 3 or something and left poor FEAR 3 alone. sad..
if youre lucky youll catch a few die hards still online willing to play with you.
overall, a great game. very much enjoyable.

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posted by officeninj (GAINESVILLE, FL) Oct 7, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Sep 2009

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This is yet another tedious, repetitive shooter where you try to focus on a pixel in the distance and just fire whenever the crosshairs turns red. Nothing scary, nothing new, and nothing worthwhile.

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If I Could Give a 9.5, I Would. Day 1 FTW!

posted by Gobind05 (CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA) Jun 27, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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As the title says, I would give this game an 9.5 if I could because it was just such an enjoyable experience in ALL around. I would consider this one of the best shooters to come out for awhile. If you go into this game with the mindset that it will be a ACTION game, you will be set for an amazing game.

Don't listen to those reviews saying things like "Meh, it sux cause I'm not scared"

Sound: Amazing. That's all you can say about the sound in this game. From the gun fights to the guttural noises that whisper to you, all of its amazing. The ONLY sound issue that I had was most of the time I couldn't understand what the Field Commander was saying due to the effects on his voice. Not a huge deal but still kinda annoying.

Music: AWESOME! I loved the music of this game. It really fit the mood very well. In high aderaline fights, the music just added to the sense of "I GOTTA KICK THE 5H!T OUT OF EVERYTHING HERE!!!" Very awesome haha. The only problem I had was my favorite song from mission 2 never showed back up T_T

Graphics: This game looks REALLY good imo. I'm playing on a 50 inch 720p 3dtv. The game looks beautiful. Definitely better than most of the shooters that have come out this year and last. The colors are very vivid and there aren't pixel issues like Fear 2. The new art direction is a great choice in this game. There were many times I thought "Wow, that looks awesome!"

Gameplay: OMGWTFBBQ! I loved the feel of the controls. Very responsive and the slow-mo effect. Win! This is a huge deal to me that a game "feels" right when playing and I think Fear 3 hit it right on the head.

Story: Nicely Done. The game focuses mostly on Point Man and Fettel. This works out very well due to how entralling their interactions are. I felt that this game had the best story out of all of them. Fettel's voice acting really drove the story as well.

Fear 3 is a very fun game. Day 1 needs to makes another one cause this one was just too awesome.


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