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Very Good

The fear isn't so strong with this one...

posted by DeadBite (BRONX, NY) Jul 26, 2011

Member since Apr 2005

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I feel like Fear 3 failed to really ever scare me, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the game alot, the shooting was spot on, cover mechanics were a welcome addition. The graphics showed every bloody detail in the environments and enemies I tore to pieces. The story and it’s cut-scenes were good but nothing much to get you emotionally involved. You control either Point Man the strong silent type or Paxton Fettel the evil chatty type. As they make their way back to mother aka Alma, the little demonic girl with great telepathic powers. Turns out she’s prego and the fellas want to get to her before every body else does.

You’ll battle your way through sewers, broken down city streets and Cosco… I’m being serious you do fight your way through one bloody rendition of Cosco. One thing that bothered me alot about the level design was how linear it was, I felt so shoved into a straight path with random boxes or clutter blocking any other possible path. Sure there are hidden rooms or places to go to but not alot and you do occasionally find some nice open areas but those are usually for the mech levels. That’s right if you missed part 2, mechs have been introduced into the Fear series. As random as it must sound I actually enjoy the mech aspect of the game it changes fighting from cover to cover to going Rambo on some fools.

You do have a nice variety in enemies and the A.I is pretty good on the hard setting. Camp out too long at one spot and you’ll either get grenade to death or flanked, later on you do encounter enemies that can teleport through walls and have shields. I like what they did with the multi-player modes for the game, you can co-op the whole campaign if you want. I didn’t I went solo, the other modes they have is your typical horde mode meets COD’s zombie mode. You also have a death-match mode where everybody is a spirit jumping in and out A.I controlled enemy bodies as you rack up kills. Final word, less scares but great action make Fear 3 a fun game.

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posted by deadgame (CHICO, TX) Sep 2, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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First off wow what a cool game!!!!! Anyway FEAR 3 is a FPS with a very scary and dark atmosphere it's not like what you would think of. When you say FPS you think COD and Battlefield series but no this is differint with a scary background so it's completly differnint!!!! Anyway it's storie is pretty good but the multiplayer is kinda stupid but the ranking is awesome so do yourself a favor and rent this!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted by Jsstill (LA HABRA, CA) Sep 2, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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Why does everyone say this game is terrible? I love it, it's fun, it has scared me a couple times, and condemned didn't make me flinch. This game is honestly amazing. I did get lost in a few levels, i'll admit to that, but otherwise this game is the scariest thing i've played this year.

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