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Skyrim = Epic!

posted by GRiF_XIII (ORLANDO, FL) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

13 out of 17 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

I had my expectations pretty high for this installment. I even stood outside the local Gamestop at 2:00am on a work-night to pick it up (didn't get there until 1:30am but still impressive they were out there that late).

Usually when a game is this hyped I end up disappointed in the final product or maybe have my expectations met at best. This is the exception. To say that Skyrim is "epic" may seem cliched, but there is no other word better suited for this game. As soon as you are allowed to wander freely on your own, Skyrim becomes more than a game. It becomes an experience. Everything about Skyrim is designed to immerse you in this world, from picking flowers and catching butterflies, to crafting armor and upgrading weapons, to exploring caves, dungeons, castles, and endless open world environments.

The simple yet genius design of using the left and right triggers for each hand seems not only common sense but very natural. The first-person and third-person views both work very well. The visuals are astonishing to say the least - especially in interior environments. In no other game have I been compelled to stop what I'm doing and simply look at the beauty that surrounds me. While most of the environments are snow covered mountains, there are plenty of spring meadows, babbling brooks and elegant waterfalls, all surrounded by incredible wildlife such as elk, foxes, deer and the more hostile bears, wolves and mountain lions. Dragons make for great battles if not as amazing as initially anticipated. Fun to defeat and steal their souls to make your character more and more powerful. The quests seem endless.

I'm 80 hours into the game and I've barely touched the main quest. You can easily spend hundreds of hours playing this game - plan accordingly. No doubt you'll get your $60 dollars worth. Definitely a contender for game of the year.

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The End-all-beat-all RPG of 2011 and beyond

posted by Mustavios (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Nov 13, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

22 out of 31 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

For those of you that have played the previous installment, this is a must. The menus are simple and easy to use, the leveling system is natural and requires little focus in comparison to the combination of attribute/skill leveling of Oblivion.

The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is an even greater step toward free-range role-playing, in the sense you have little to NO boundaries when roaming the map; giving another variable to the already endlessly-unique environment.

A must have for all RPG fans, Elder Scrolls has once again set the standard of excellence.

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posted by caseyc420 (EL DORADO, AR) Nov 11, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

17 out of 24 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

This literally is the best game of the year definitely.
Everything about this game screams perfection. This is not just a re-mesh of Oblivion. The developers completely re-did the whole inventory screens/quest screens and everything seems to be much more fluid on the xbox 360 now. They took a hint at how well the Fallout layout played out and then added upon that.
Graphics are top notch for an RPG game, a big step up from Oblivion. Characters look much more life like and their movements are much more fluid and realistic.
The skills are the biggest and best improvement in my opinion. You actually get to branch out on each skill that you use and get extra perks for that skill. Leveling up is not just about numbers anymore. Fighting is great, and they now have action sequence scenes that show a slowed down kill that is very satisfying. Another GREAT edition to this game is that you can now equip double weapons or double spells or even a spell in one hand and a weapon/shield in the other. Basically everything that was wrong or a shortcoming in Oblivion was made up in Skyrim. I expect to put in a good 300-400 hours into this one just like its predecessor.

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