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excellent with only two flaws

posted by mrfandango (NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ) Nov 30, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

Everyone else has talked about why this game is great. It's huge, the missions are interesting, the overall stories are interesting, and the combat is fun. All the reviews are right, this is a great game.

I want to give this a 10 so badly but there are two big flaws:
1) it's buggy - this is definitely an issue, if you've played a bethesda game before, you know what I mean.

2) no character development in the NPC - this is really the more important of the two criticisms. You can get all sorts of followers, you can even marry some, but there is no character development in them. Don't get me wrong, the idea of some of these characters was good, they just didn't do anything with them. Same old dialogue, over and over again. Maybe I've just been spoiled by Bioware, but when you marry an NPC and she has virtually no personality you wonder why such features as marriage even exist.

Again, these are two small flaws in a phenomenal game.

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posted by borcth (CAPE CANAVERAL, FL) Nov 30, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

By far the best of the Elder Scrolls games. But compared to alot of games, it's simply breathtaking. The the huge vistas, dynamic weather, lush woodland forests and dark mysterious dungeons. Your standing on a ridge, looking over the land and your like, OMG, that looks so awesome. You wish you were actually there experiencing it for real. Everything about the game rocks. I find it hard to believe that anyone could give the game anything less then a perfect 10 honestly. It's endless hours of great quests and storytelling. The music itself is a perfect 10. It's moving and makes everything come alive. This is the type of game that all the small things really make it just a really solid game. It does have a few hicups here and there with some quests and graphical mishaps. But it's quickly overlooked by the sheer massiveness and value of the game.

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If you are looking for virtual reality this is it.

posted by AresGothic (KENNESAW, GA) Nov 30, 2011

Member since Jun 2006

I will not spoil anything here but this game hits the mark on all fronts. If you haven't played this game do not call yourself a gamer for you have missed the best of the next-generation hardware and software. Here you do as you wish, when you wish to do it. The endless ways to play take this medium to another level. I can't wait for the DC.

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