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GF Rating

Above Average

Not bad but I feel let down

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Jul 1, 2011

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I have played all the PC Dungeon Siege games (and Space Siege), so my expectations were probably a bit too high since this is the first version on console. I should have expected some growing pains. I would have been correct.

Story is better than expected for such a Diablo clone. The game is played from 3rd person perspective and the goal is basically to kill a bunch of enemies and loot their stuff for better weapons and armor. That sort of thing can get addictive, but I saw very little change if any at all in what my character looked like when I changed what I was wearing. I like to see some progress as I increase my abilities and equipment. Graphics are low level for this current generation of consoles, but would have been amazing for last gen consoles. Characters lips don't even come close to moving with their speech and their voice acting is just mediocre anyway.

The camera can get annoying at times and some boss battles ramp up the difficulty quite suddenly from "it's easy wiping the floor with 10 enemies at a time" to "Dear God, I just died 3 seconds into that battle!"

I think the game is definitely worth a rental and some might like to own it and replay it using the four different characters available (I much prefer creating my own character, thank you), but I don't think I'm going to be able to finish it even once. It isn't really bad at any point, but it's not really very good either. There is potential though for another DS game, more polished and hopefully more like the DS I grew to love on the PC somewhere down the line. The series looks to be on the verge of becoming an impressive console title, but it's not there yet.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A good story, but a few major downfalls.

posted by CameronMorrison (PERRY, ME) Aug 1, 2011

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The good: This game has a great story, as fantasy-RPG-typical as it may be (you are one of few. at one point you are living a normal life, then you are called upon to save the world from a common enemy, a singular source of evil.)

Also, the graphics are quite impressive. The character models could be more detailed, but the world you explore is rather good looking. Also, there aren't any loading screens as you travel from area to area (although your character may be forced to walk a few feet as the game loads the area you are heading to.)

There is also a good loot&item system, but that's where I head into the negative...

The bad: While the items may be diverse, and are divided by rarity (grey, green, blue, etc.), that's where the praises end. many items have the same skins, and, quite frankly, one of the most rewarding things about great RPGs (Diablo II and Fallout 3, for example), are that you get to watch your hero, over time, go from rags to Super-Suit&Buster Sword. This game does not give you that pleasure.

And one thing the good graphics and story cannot make up for is /gameplay/. You get two fighting stances, each with a default attack and 3 abilities. The problem is, you don't need those abilities unless you play the game on hardcore. If you're careful, you can get through most battles by evading, blocking, and using your primary attack. It all adds up to senseless button-mashing. You may even force yourself to use your special attacks when you don't really have to, just to rid yourself of the monotony.

Also, !!spoiler alert!!, as you set up your team of 4 legionnaires to destroy your common enemy, you don't get the sense that you are creating a team, because you only get one ally to play with at a time, and you'll likely pick one and stick with them.

Overall: The game's good story and graphics are a big plus, but hardcore RPG fans beware. There are many downfalls that may keep you from liking the game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Real Decent Action/RPG

posted by trentthedestroy (SENECA, PA) Jun 22, 2011

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25 out of 32 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I've been playing action/rpgs for quite a bit of time now, and I can tell you this is one of the better ones out there. The story is ok for this type of game in the genre.
Normally these type of games have a disposable who cares type story, and while Dungeon Seige III's story isn't the best out there it's better than average (for the genre). Dialogue options borrow the Mass Effect conversation wheel that at times you can pick out side quest though most of the time youre just weeding through the options until you get to the meat and potatos of the task at hand.

The action part of this game is great and has some really good ideas to keep action flowing. Two of my favorite concepts they add into the game is no potions and no mana. I've never really enjoyed the potion and mana concept in action/rpgs. It takes me out of the immersion of the game when im constantly stocking up on the various strength vials and running from a fight and popping these drinks like a homeless drunkard. Instead, they use defensive abilities to take the place of potions and a focus bar instead of mana. The defensive abilities run along the lines of damage reduction and heals over time. Each one of these abilites can be augmented to increase the benfit of the reduction or heal.
The focus bar depletes as you use abilites and normal basic attacks fill the bar up. Each character has 2 different combat stances that have access to different skills based on your current stance, for example, Lucas (the warrior class) has sword and shield stance which has access to a shield bash and charge ability as well as a two handed sword stance which allows him to use sweeping attacks and a cleave blast type of attack.

The RPG part of it is a little limited but each ability the classes have are augmentable and there is a talent "tree" on top of the augmentable abilities. All in all if you like action/rpgs this is definetly one of the better entries into the genre.

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