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dragon ball ut

posted by tjr (PHOENIX, AZ) Jan 3, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

clearly,i...LOVE IT!!! nice graphics,characters,and overall,gameplay!

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GF Rating

Above Average

awesome if you enjoy watching the game

posted by jcurrier912 (SPRINGFIELD, VA) Dec 30, 2011

Member since May 2011

if you like watching the game do its thing while you sit back and hit simple button combinations this is your game. the story mode has a Final Fantasy like number of cut scenes from the shows and the controls are very very simple.. excellent game but very hard to get into with only one player.. versus is awesome for a while until you get bored of doing the same combos over and over again and many combos are repeated among different characters..

if you hate all that stuff and just want to get into the game and beat down on people go buy raging blast 2 and save yourself the time and the $$$

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GF Rating

Above Average

Don't Try Sugar Coating This

posted by ZMX082 (FOREST CITY, NC) Dec 30, 2011

Member since May 2008

This game is just plain bad, period. I refuse to sugar coat this review as it seems EVERY other person on gamefly has. This game is classified a FIGHTER however in all honesty this game should be classified as one giant mini game. Let me give you a few examples.

Lets say you are fighting someone and would like to get distance between yourself? Cool nice strategy...too bad the game forces you into a 50/50 mini game that can cause you damage simply because you want to BACK AWAY!

Wanna get close into melee range? Cool! You get another 50/50 mini game that can cause you damage...just because you want to get closer.

How bout shooting those awesome special moves. Sweet! Too bad you cant use a strategy such as stunning your opponent to guarentee a hit like in the older games.

Nope in this version no amount of skill or strategic play matters.
What if you find yourself in the line of fire of a blast? Dont sweat it, you get 3 options depending on how much energy you've stored (if you are out of energy you HAVE TO GET HIT) You can either block, avoid, or beam clash.

Here's the stupid part, say you are behind a object that cant be destroyed. Say you are in a pond and someones trying to shoot you through the ground. Now in most games this would cause the attacker to miss by hitting the ground, not here. You HAVE to be placed in the line of fire.

Best part of this game? ALL of the attack combos are the same for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. You hit attack a few times then get another 50/50 mini game that allows you to continue the assault.

How can ppl give this game a average rating? This is a spit in the face of fighter gamers.

Where this game gets its points is in the visual category and by having a nice new story mode that has very nicely animated sequences.

Otherwise avoid this game, dont buy, dont rent. Unless you are a complete fanboy that only buys games because they have DBZ in the title, there is no reason for this game to leave a retailer.

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