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posted by Shadowkirby (KENOSHA, WI) Jan 25, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

really good game

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GF Rating

Above Average

what a let down again

posted by deadR2 (GILBERTSVILLE, PA) Jan 24, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

the stroy is done great the characters look like they should hero mode is 2 limited and gamplay is a let down guess what button mode worked in budokai3 but not as well if you used that for a full game and the voice acting is bad kid/teen gohan frieza and18 voices hurt my hears listing 2 there grunts and some cut scenes they will use parts from kia it would worked if they did a good job matching the flaps but they didnt

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Leaves one empty, Raging Blast was better.

posted by Sado_Invaldi (PASADENA, MD) Jan 17, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

First off, this is my first review.

I am a huge fan of the Dragonball franchise but I feel this title was subpar at best compared to other games.

The graphics were amazing, I am not gonna lie, probably the best in any DBZ games I have ever seen. They were rendered beautifully.

Second, the content. I loved how the story mode starts you from the dead beginning of DBZ, and continues up the the complete Buu Saga.

Third, Hero Mode, the ability to create your own DBZ fighter, was something that made me so happy, the story as well as free roam, I was thrilled with.

Now... Your probably wondering, why all this praise, and only a 1 rating.

Like all DBZ games, each one had stimulating combat, beautiful attacks and an amazing combat system where anyone picking up the game could do all sorts of things.

This combat system made me cry, all it consists off is button mashing. Pressing X repetitively will guarantee you victory in 80% of your fights, they have limited energy blasts also, to where even if you charge up max ki, goku cant pull off that kamehameha combo after your melee attack blitz.

They have instead a "spirit bar" which fills as you inflict and take damage, Leaving you with only, 1 maybe 2 attacks. but heres the kicker, you can only use your ulitmate attack when you or your opponent is near death, making it almost useless. if your near death, your opponent can just do a kamehameha or something an win it. and vice versa.

I even tested the shotty combat system, I had a case of diarrhea when I went to play this game, I asked my brother to watch the game, while I button mashed in a whole other room blind to whats happening, I ended up beating the entire frieza fight, without once looking at the screen.

In raging blast 2, you were dodging attacks of all sorts, you could attack from any range, and the character selection was amazing.

For those that play this game, If you value the quality of games that DBZ has had in the past, DO NOT

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