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GF Rating

Very Good

More like DLC then full installment

posted by rzrbk22 (NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR) Jul 1, 2014

Member since Apr 2011

Dragon Age 2 felt like 3 DLC campaigns stuck together. There are 3 acts in the game and each act felt like a different story taking place in the same city (literally, there is only one city in the entire game).

As far as game play goes if you really enjoyed DA: Origins, then id suggest still renting DA2. The characters are good, there are still some important story decisions to make, and the skills/abilities are still pretty decent. Fighting isn't all that different from Origins, instead of hitting the button once to go into attack mode, you have to hit A for every swing of the sword. I actually like the new fighting because it makes it feel more interactive.

Replay value is low compared to Origins. There are no factions to recruit. You only have one background choice. The only decisions that seem to matter at all are relating to the war between Mages and Templars. Since the whole game takes place in one city a handful of caves outside the city, there is little to no exploration in the whole game.

I would have been very disappointed if i paid $60 for this game. But luckily i waited for reviews and knew before playing to lower my expectations. By waiting for the game to be cheaper and lowering my expectations of the game as a whole compared to Origins, i ended up actually enjoying the game. I think of it as a DLC package more then a full game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Tested or testing

posted by Snuggletron (SANDPOINT, ID) Jun 16, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Testing testing.../ "is this thing on?'
I was unable to finish this game even after months of being released. A dragon... my stooges were caught fighting in front and the dragon came through in the end... RIP
I was unable to save for a few hours and the saves were found on my X-box360 as currupt'd so I returned it on the 2nd day. over all a good rental. I thought battle was somewhat improved over a similiar title "dragons dogma" But both were enough for my afternoon "time of the Hunt". I don't like the dragon age armor and people as much but I liked the play better here then on Dragon age 1 so REVIEW THAT!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Under rated game

posted by kevthagamer (MADISON, MS) Apr 30, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

This game is highly under rated. In my opinion it is better than the first game. The combat is better even though the story is not as in-depth as the last game, but that isn't such a bad thing. I thought the game was well balanced between combat and story. Bioware you did a good job, there are just some people that do not appreciate a good game. If you like RPGs you will not be disappointed.

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