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Not the best game ever

posted by Masterfog (BOISE, ID) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

Let me start saying why I give this a 7 because of repeat dungeons.what I mean by that is there is only like 8 different dungeons that they copy through the entire game and the fact that your in the same dam city the entire game and it never changes which makes third playthrough impossible for me.the good better graphics not the best but better than the first one.thumb got tired in final boss battle because I had keep pressing buttons.also why I say a third playthrough is because I wonder what happens if I do everything different.but beyond that I will see what I can get for trading it in.

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A change for better and worse

posted by 09GF74 (GREENFIELD, MO) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Jul 2009

This instalment in the Dragon Age series is an improvement in some areas and lacks in others.

the first thing I noticed was the change in the combat system. It was smoother, more entertaining, and an all around improvement from DAO. The removal of the D Pad control was the only mistake they made.
Most DAO fans said they lacked the RPG feature in combat. As I recall, on the default difficulty in DAO, I did not have to change characters often. I rarely had to infact, even without spending an hour setting up tatics. In DA2, this was not the case what so ever.

Tactic set up in very very important in the harder difficulties and is advised for default.

The environment was a let down. It all just seemed to blend in. Nothing really stood out and made me drawn to seen the textures or structers of any building. The consistant use of map layout was getting old very fast as well as staying in kirkwall 95 percent of the game.

The story at first was boring. The first year there you have to make a name for yourself. After that, you being to see the story unfold into a Templar VS Mage that was, infact, determined by your choices every step of the way, even at the end. That idea is kind of interesting but still hard to follow with no real set guide lines to how the events should unfold. They try to insist that there is not clear good or evil. not even a "foggy" view of who is in the wrong. The story will shape around your morality entirely.

All in all, I liked DA2. A vast improvement in combat and character develpment such as the jump from Mass effect 1 to Mass effect 2. (in a sense). The metafiction used throughout the story only implys a third DA. Not excited about it but not dreading it.

BTW, my review took a one grade drop from 8 to 7 when i learned Bioware released multiple expasion packs the very same day DA2 was released. What a greedy way to make more money by taking advantage of the DA fan base who want a full experience.

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Clearing things up

posted by CyberSnypa (SEATAC, WA) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

This review is for all the people out there who are complaining about this game (haters), there are a lot of great things about this game with few flaws so people are complaining that this game isn't perfect. Let me come right out and say if you think they dumbed down the tactical gameplay, play it on hard on the computer then talk about tactics, Second of all anybody notice the graphics make DA:O look like an original Xbox game? The graphics on this game are great the only problem i've had with them is the blood textures. Yes they use a lot of the same maps this is one of the fatal flaws that got this amazing masterpiece a 9, but the skills (especially for mages) are VERY engaging. The only other thing i can complain about is Aveline's chin (resemblance to Quagmire?) and the fact that you have to be that exact character i miss my Dalish elf and i really am intrigued by the new look of the Elvhen race.

Overall this game is worth a try then a buy!

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