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Origins was Better

posted by Karinka88 (MONTROSE, CO) Mar 20, 2011

Member since May 2010

im going to start off saying the ONLY thing i liked more about this game then the 1st was no auto attack i hated that even if i am just tapping the A button all the time least im doing something other then that origins blows this outta the water this game is the same mash of dungeons,caves heck all areas are reused so many times im at the end part of act 2 and so far its just this ONE single town theres no where else to visit same 4-5 shops i have to go to every time with junk inventory only place with good stuff to buy is the black emporium which you have to buy with MS points ....ya the game did start off with some promise with faster combat i usually prefer faster paced games and soon as i 1st used whirlwind and scythe on the 1st level i was excited but the feeling didnt last long even when i got the skills back.... was to little to late tactics are very weak in this game im just brute forcing my way through right now with my warrior with no problems im using no cross class comboing i have 3 warriors and 1 healer on my team and nothing has slowed me down on hard mode so far besides that deep roads boss my healer mainly just buffs no need for heals but overall besides the massively reused areas my main complaint is the lack of inventory customization everything is class specific now staffs-mages only - shields - warriors only ect. ect. not to mention ALL of the AIs cannot wear Helms,Boots,Gauntlets, or Chest Armor they got this stupid new thing called companion armor which has .... 4 tiers i think that just gives them an overall armor value no way to customize it besides maybe a rune slot for some of the AIs anyways thats my biggest complaint is the lack of customization and the balance of abilities it just seems like it was thrown together quickly no wonder it came out so fast id say rent if you really enjoy tons of unique dialog and decision making other then that.... pick something else out of your queue ... oya and storyline haha..... there is none

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Definetly a Buyer

posted by Shadow051 (MEADVIEW, AZ) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

Dragon Age is back and its painted on a new canvas. Dragon Age 2 is not like its predessor in many ways. For one you are no longer auto attacking now you have to hit the A button to attack with either your swords, daggers or staves, but dont think its just a button masher because you still have access to spells or skills to increase damage, or defense etc.

The story is not as good as dragon age: origins due to the fact you dont seem to be driven forward. To me it felt like i was doing more side quests then anything else. and the characters are definetly not as memorable. There are defineitly some funny banter between the characters and some memorable moments through out the game, but i dont see me playing through the game again for any other reason besides to try out the different classes more indepthly.

The graphics are a big improvement this time around, although some of the animations dont work properly and the voice acting is very impressive.

There are still a few glitches and bugs through out the game but nothing to serious and it doesn't mess with the game play any.

The loading time is just ridiculous honestly it takes forever so i would recommend isntalling onto your console to lower them.

The skill and inventory systems have definetly been dumbed down alot and you can no longer customize your partys armor past the point of some armor upgrades that dont change the appearance at all and the trinkets.

Overall I really enjoyed this game even more than i did the first one. So i would definetly buy it.

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An interesting change

posted by KristyKittyMS (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Mar 18, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

As has been the trend lately, DA2 got a facelift and a slight change from an RPG element game into what feels more like an action game than RPG.

The overall game is still playable, though a few minor glitches during cutscenes persistant during my play, these were not so bad as to take away from the game as a whole. The biggest disappointment was the change from a classic RPG element that origins was, into something that felt more like a god of war facelift. This change is similar to how ME1 changed to ME2, also by bioware. The difference is the changes in mass effect where such that it was the combat that recieved the overhaul, but not so much so that the game itself radically changed. Unfortunately you will find that things have changed to a more action based game playing DA2, compared to origins.

Also removed was the overall character creation that you experienced in origins. your choice Is still between a fighter, mage, and thief, but the only other choice is the gender of the character (and how they look) you cannot choose to be a dwarf or elf in this game. Another disappointing feature is that weapon select is now heavily depended on what class you play, and not all weapons you could before in origins are available to your class (Fighters are stuck with 2hers or shield, but no archery and no 2 1hers at once)

the entire game however did get a much needed facelift and things look more pleasing than they did before. Unfortunately the reuse of the same maps tends to make the drag feel dragged down, afterall there's little excitment to be had going into a quest location if you already know the layout, so there's little to no surprise.

Overall however the game is still as said playable and is still a much interesting addition to the DA lore. Just don't go into the game expecting Origins, or something like it as the game has changed greatly and resembles the original only in the slightest of terms.

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